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Vorago (Scopulus week) tips

Phase 1
First Maul piece drops

Phase 2
Reflect + Gravity Ball (click on the ball when Vorago gets close enough)
Red Bomb  (x4)

Bring Him Down! (Click quickly to fill a bar, after that do lots of damage very fast)

Second Maul piece drops

Phase 3
Scopulus appear in the S-W and S-E corners - kill quickly

Phase 4
Red Bomb

Firewall #3

Third Maul piece drops

Phase 5
Purple Bomb
(Rinse and repeat)

Finish Him! (Use the maul)

- Standard attack used on phases 1, 2, 4 & 5
- Swipes that hit anyone within 3 squares
- Used between weekly attacks

Blue Bomb
- Standard attack used on all phases
- The damage it does is split between the player it is aimed at and any players nearby (can also be reduced with prayers)

Red Bomb
- Used as a standard attack on phases 1, 2, 4 & 5
- Used as a weekly attack on phases 2 & 4
- It does increased damage if players are nearby – run away from other players and use Barricade to negate damage

- After the end of phases 1-4, Vorago will jump around the room
- Look for the shadow, it shows where he will land
- Try not to get underneath him, or too close (the damage it does can be blocked with Barricade)

- Vorago clenches both fists together and tries to punch players into the ground
- It can be cleared by using Freedom or running away

- Stop attacking, so that the damage isn’t reflected onto teammates

- Does up to 10k damage
- It may be survivable (boost lifepoints by using armour/shield, rocktails/brews or bonfires)
- It is avoidable (hide behind the waterfall that appears in a random corner)

- These look like player-sized Scopulus
- They hit hard and fast, so kill quickly

Purple Bomb
- Everyone on the team has a purple bomb aimed at them (and a timer)
- The bombs go off one after another
- Move away from your teammates just before it goes off and re-join them after it has exploded
- Can use Barricade to negate damage

A few more notes:

Base tank
- Uses magic
- Gets closest to Vorago
- Responsible for leading Vorago towards the ledge (phase 1) and gravity balls (phase 2)
- Usually tanks the damage from (some of) the Bleeds

Bomb Tank
- Uses mage or range
- Stays as far away from Vorago as possible
- Responsible for attracting any red bombs (standard, and possibly weekly) launched by Vorago
- Sometimes the red bombs will be aimed at other players
- Usually tanks the damage from (some of) the Bleeds

DPS Crew
- Uses mage or range
- Stay between the base and bomb tanks (middle distance from Vorago)
- May be asked to tank the damage from a Bleed

- Uses mage or range
- Collects the first piece of maul during phase 1 (and all pieces after)
- Joins the DPS Crew for the rest of the fight

In phase 5
- Bomb tank goes as far west as possible
- DPS Crew (and maybe the Base tank) stay on the South side of the ledge
- Move North to let your purple bomb explode safely
- Try to reduce damage taken (as much as possible), or else Vorago will push the entire team off the end of the ledge

Getting this guide together took some time – mostly in studying and cross-checking other guides and information sources.

Therefore, thanks go to Steeldra, for the comprehensive video guide here: (sadly, the phase 5 shown there is not the current one), Mr_G_W, for the Ultimate Vorago Guide v2.0 (QFC: 98-99-225-65323025), the maker of this video guide: (which does show the current phase 5), and (of course) the Wikia. Also to Bryan, for pointing out the one obvious error I'd missed.

Courtesy of Amaterasu Mi, last updated April 2nd 2016