Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

Runefest 2016


Carousers were out in force on September 17th at RuneFest 2016!

A group of us managed to meet up on the afternoon of Friday 16th for coffee at Victoria Station and lunch near Oxford Street, before heading off to the big Carouser get-together at Cape, St Katharine's Dock.

Saturday saw us at the main event, where we made ourselves known thanks to Az's amazing vexillum (which security tried to take off us!), and the clan badges, which were distributed to all the Jagex Staff who couldn't run away fast enough - including Mod Osbourne, who sported one throughout the big reveal of 2017 content!

2016 Poster
2016 Poster by GodOfNothing
The Carousers at RuneFest - Igo, (Leta), Loct, Vik, Zori, Mole, Lumi, Arch, Mdv, Tiff (behind vex), Rida, Big Dave, Swai, Windsong, Rennae and Az
Mole asleep on Lumi's lap again
Az and Lumi with the vex
Lumi with the Jagex Choir
Zori, exhausted
Friday lunch

Pics courtesy of Rennae, Zori and Arch :)