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Penguin Hunts

Carousers' weekly penguin hunts are run with some discipline: to avoid chaos and time wasting, the hunt leader's instructions are followed, with people NOT moving on to the next penguin until everyone has the current one. An effort is also made not to confuse people by talking about different penguins than the one currently being sought.

Lumine's Wednesday morning Penguin Hunt protocols!

The most important rules are these:

  • Everyone who is Hunting goes to the penguin when it's found, and stays there until everyone else who's Hunting has arrived and seen it too.
  • No-one leaves the spot where the penguin was found until the Hunt leader (usually me) says "Onward"
  • The only penguin to be talked about is the one we're currently looking for.
  • When I ask "Is everyone here?", you should say 'no' promptly if you're still on your way, or we may well head on without you.
  • Always approach trapped penguins with great caution, and try to spy them from as far away as you can. Sometimes the route finder will confound your best efforts, but do everything possible to avoid stepping on those who are keeping the penguin confined.
  • Don't bring followers to the Hunt. They have a history of accidentally breaking traps and making trappers furious.
  • Anyone in the chat channel who's not Hunting should not talk about whatever they're doing instead.

Penguin miniFAQ

The schedule says the Hunt starts at Chuck's cage. Do I have to go there?
No, but the first penguin will normally be one of the ones around Ardougne. You can wait in Oo'glog and hope the first pingu is in Feldip if you'd rather.

Can I start looking for penguins before the Hunt begins?
You can, but you're at risk of playing merry hell with my written itinerary. If you want me to thank you with no mixed feelings, try and track down one of the ones near Ardougne rather than any of the rest.

Has the Hunt started yet?
The Hunt starts at exactly 1030 UTC (0930 during British Summer Time). If it's just before the starting time, the Hunt hasn't started yet. If it's just after the starting time, it has started, though we may not have completed the preliminary spiel and left Chuck's yet.

I can't be in-game at  the starting time. Can I join the Hunt later?
Yes, but you need to come to the Hunt wherever we're up to, and not ask questions about the penguins you've missed until the Hunt is declared over. "How many have you seen so far?" will pass; "Where were they?" won't. After the Hunt's over, other Hunters will be quite willing to tell you where the first few pingus were, and may even come and help you find them.

I'm going to be late today / I've just turned up later than I expected to. Do I have to apologise?
There's no need to; we don't wait for latecomers. If you arrive late, the only person you've inconvenienced is yourself.

You said we have to wait to leave till you say 'Onward", but you just left!
If that happens, you can leave too, but please also remind me to say it. Occasionally I forget to!

I'm getting injured at this pingu! Do I have to stay here anyway?
No, if the surroundings are putting you in danger, tell us you're leaving and go somewhere safe.

I've seen the next penguin already. Do I need to come?
We'd rather you did, especially if it's a roamer - the more sets of eyes we have, the better. If it's closely-constrained and/or quite troublesome to get to, you don't absolutely need to come as long as you notify that you won't be coming to this one.

I haven't seen the next penguin yet, but waiting for me will just hold you up. I'll get it later.
That's not according to the spirit of the Hunt, where we all Hunt as one group. Do your best to be prepared so you can come to each penguin promptly, but if we have to wait for you, we'll just wait.

We're at a penguin and I need to go to the bank / recharge my tele crystal / do something else nearby. Can I go?
The best option is to wait for the call of 'onward!', and then do what you need to before starting to look for the next penguin. If you really have to leave the penguin early, please notify the Hunt leader first, and make sure they heard you before you go. :)

We're heading for one penguin, and I see another one! What should I do?
When someone spots another pingu in the course of coming to one already spotted, the sequence of events should run like this:

- The person who spotted the second pingu says 'I see another penguin' but doesn't say where. They stay with that penguin and watch it.
- Everyone else goes to the first pingu.
- When everyone except the second-pingu finder has seen the first pingu, the Hunt leader asks the finder where the second one is.
- The leader asks a specific Hunter or group of Hunters to go to the second pingu.
- When that Hunter/group arrives at the second pingu, the finder comes and spies the first pingu.
- Everyone at the first pingu then goes to the second pingu.

Please don't hare off to pingu 2 just because you've already seen pingu 1. The Hunt needs to stay together, or chaos ensues. Please don't 'helpfully' go and relieve the finder unless I've actually asked you to, or unless you've volunteered and I've said yes .

I've seen the last pingu. I can leave now, right?
No. Once I've confirmed that everyone's arrived at the last pingu, I'll say "I declare the Hunt over." Then you can leave or find out the location of any pingus you've missed.

Do these rules apply to other Penguin Hunts as well?
The rules for other Penguin Hunts are whatever the leaders say they are. I've advised them to do it this way, but seeing I'm never online at the time, it can't be said to affect me especially.

Provided courtesy of Lumine, last updated 13 June 2015