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Tiff's Guide to the Penance King

A guide to Barbarian Assault Hard Mode wave 10

As promised a guide to wave 10

IT IS VITAL TO HAVE A RANGE WEAPON AND ARROWS/BOLTS if necessary. This will not be needed until after the king appears so the attacker can still use melee.

First, the arena is totally different.
Here's a map:
BA wave 10 hard mode map
(Map borrowed from Tip.It)

If possible the attacker needs to lure the rangers and fighters to the stairs SW of the arena. It is possible to semi safe spot from there.

One healer should be with the attacker and use the cannon when possible. The other should poison the healers and heal the defender and collector when necessary.

The defender has to kill the runners.

The collector needs the collect eggs and convert as many as possible to red ones and use a cannon when possible.

After 12 call changes (6 minutes) the king will appear even if the other stuff is still alive. Also, the cannons will be locked behind gates. The attacker and defender must continue to kill anything left alive before the king can be attacked.

The following strategy is for once everything but the king is dead.

Getting items

The attacker, defender and collector go to the east side and the healers lure the king to the west side and grab a load of poison bait, at least 5. They then lure the king to the healing pool.
Whenever the king says he's hungry the healers drop a piece of poison bait for him to eat. The king will then spew out an item for everyone. The healers need to pick up 5 buckets between them and use on the puke to get buckets of acid. The others need to remain on the east side

Processing items

Once the king has eaten 5+ pieces of bait the healers need to lure the king to the item deposit point and use their buckets on it. At the same time, the others need to get their 5 items and run back to the east side to process them. The healers then lure the king back to the pool and the others run to the item deposit point via the north wall.

Attacker - metal scraps, uses on anvil (east), gets barrel, puts in item deposit (west)
Collector - broken helm, uses on anvil (east), gets ignition system, puts in item deposit (west)
Defender - penance hide, uses on lava vents (east), gets fuel sac, puts in item deposit (west)
Healer – rusty bucket, uses on puke to get acid, puts in item deposit (west)

Once ALL items have been deposited you can get your flamethrower from the item deposit but DON'T equip.

Getting scrolls

Everyone needs to equip their range weapon now.

It is best if this is done in order.

Everyone but the healers should be on the east side. Healers attack the king and get their scroll

Next the defender, attacker and collector take it in turn to attack the king and grab their scroll, running back to the east side once they have it. Just for fun the bloody king spawns are still bouncing and exploding.

Using scrolls

Inspect your scroll.

You can now equip the flamethrower.

The words on the scroll appear at the top of your screen, they must be clicked in order (by the right person). The person who has the last word needs to check everyone has their flamethrower equipped before saying their word.

Once the words are said, attack the king with the flamethrower. You will need to double click the king to get it to work. When cracks appear in the ground, ESCAPE. If you don't you'll take 1/3 of your maximum life points as damage.

Repeat from getting scrolls but when cracks appear you take even more damage (50%).

It usually takes 3 goes to kill the king.

Courtesy of Tiffrum, last updated September 28th 2019