Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

Cape & Community Event History

Cape Events are the reason the clan was created, and define us as a group. This is a historical list of all the Cape Events that the Carousers have held, from the earliest days of the clan up to June 2015.



Apr 06: Eco Night
Apr 27: Menaphite Blues
May 03: Vampire Night
May 11: Recruitment Drive (F2P)
May 17: Spring Ball (a CET event)
May 18: Bad Moon Rising
May 23: Bear Necessities
May 24: Nothing to See Here!
May 31: Roamin' Romans
Jun 08: Flights of Fancy
Jun 21: RSB Water Fight (a CET event)
Jun 22: Black Night (F2P)
Jun 28: Nautical but Nice
Jul 05: Mutation
Jul 13: Mystique Mayhem
Jul 20: Broodoo Chile'
Jul 26: Tyras & Emotional (F2P)
Jul 27: RSB Big Boss Banza (a CET event)
Jul 27: CC Bring & Buy
Aug 10: Better Working Hours!
Aug 30: Summertime Blues
Sep 07: Dig It!
Sep 13: All In Jest


Sep 14: Super Sleuths (a CET event)
Sep 19: 'Speak Like a Pirate' event
Sep 20: Elegantly Wasted (F2P)
Sep 27: Member 99 party
Oct 02: Wraith Slaying
Oct 05: Oktoberfest Event
Oct 11: Agri-'Culture'
Oct 19: Nostalgia Night
Oct 25: White Night (F2P)
Oct 30: Clan War rumble
Oct 31: Thriller Night
Nov 1: Celtic New Year event
Nov 9: Chef's Delight
Nov 16: HAMming It Up
Nov 22: Red or Dead
Nov 28: Member 99 Party
Dec 1: Assault on the Black Knights' Fortress
Dec 6: Barbarian Training event
Dec 13: Grandmaster Flash
Dec 18: Scabarite Sport
Dec 20: Winter Solstice Event
Dec 23 & 24: Snowball Smash



Jan 1st: Hogmanay Havoc!
Jan 3rd: Monking Around
Jan 17th: Messing About on the River
Jan 24th: PvM: Rock Mobster
Jan 25th: Elite Black Night (F2P)
Feb 1st: Varrock Variety
Feb 7th: A-Viking We Will Go
Feb 14th: Black is the Colour of My True Love's Heart (Valentine's Ball)
Feb 21st: Faladian Fun (F2P)
Feb 28th: Big Top Bonanza
Mar 8th: Dagon'Hai Dawn
Mar 14th: Flights of Fancy 2: More Hot Air
Mar 21st: Stone Temple Pilots (Equinox Event)
Mar 28th: Rune Wild (F2P)
Apr 5th: Boys' Night Out
Apr 18/19: March of the Penguins
Apr 25th: Anniversary competition event
Apr 28th: PvM: Champion's Challenge!
Apr 29th: Games Room event
May 2/3: Fairy Liquid
May 9th: Masque of the Red Death (F2P)
May 16/17: Overachievers' Evening
May 24th: Nerd & Geek Pride Day event
May 30/31: Quasimodo's Revenge
Jun 6/7: Skilling Cup Celebration
Jun 13/14: Flights of Fancy 3: Aces High
Jun 20/21: Summer Solstice


Jun 27: Scavenger Hunt! (P2P/F2P)
Jul 4/5: Walk Like An Egyptian
Jul 11/12: Slave Driver
Jul 18/19: Bone Shaker (F2P)
Jul 25/26: Curse of the Flying Dutchman
Aug 1/2: Ring of Fire
Aug 8/9: Summertime Blues
Aug 15/16: Animé event
Aug 22/23: Hiss!
Aug 29/30: All White on the Night (F2P)
Sep 5: Hide & Seek
Sep 7: BCE Revenant Hunt
Sep 12/13: Chromatopyromania
Sep 19/20: Autumn Equinox event
Sep 26/27: Oktoberfest event (F2P)
Oct 3/4: Civil Unrest
Oct 10/11: Scavenger Hunt
Oct 17/18: Chromatopyromania
Oct 25: Member Homecoming event
Oct 31/Nov 1: Hallowe'en and MJ tribute event
Nov 7/8: Bacon Bits (F2P)
Nov 14/15: Shark Attack!
Nov 21/22: For Those About to Rock
Nov 28/29: Germ Warfare
Dec 1: World AIDS Day event
Dec 5/6: Real Men Don't Range
Dec 12/13: Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come



Jan 2: Mission Ice-possible scavenger hunt
Jan 9/10: Ghostwalkers
Jan 16/17: Back in Black
Jan 23/24: You're in the Army Now
Jan 30/31: Dagannoth Drop Party (F2P)
Feb 6/7: Zarosian Pilgrims
Feb 13/14: Valentine's Ball
Feb 20/21: Helping Heroes
Feb 27/28: Mithbusters (F2P)
Mar 6: Scavenger Hunt III (1ise)
Mar 20/21: Spring Equinox event
Mar 27/28: Big Top Bonanza II (F2P) - suggested by Black Mole0
Apr 3: Group meeting and election
Apr 10/11: The Upward Climb
Apr 17: Party - The King's Not Dead; Long Live the Queen
Apr 18: Call of the Wild
Apr 24/25: The Quest of the Questers
May 1/2: The Green Thumb
May 8/9: Flower Power
May 15: Scavenger Hunt IV (1ise)
May 22/23: Miner Disturbance (suggested by Sah Asrara)
May 29/30: Joan's Feast (F2P)
Jun 5/6: Rodeo Snake Bandits
Jun 6: Quest Fest (The Draziw)
Jun 12/13: In Search for the Holy Grail
Jun 19/20: Midsummer's Eve
Jun 26/27: Perilous Priestly Path


Jul 3: Jagex Cup Clan Parade
Jul 3/4: Collision of Roads (F2P)
Jul 10: Hide and Seek
Jul 17/18: Vive la France
Jul 24/25: Christmas in July
Jul 31 / Aug 1: Kermit's Knighting (F2P)
Aug 7/8: The Body Politic
Aug 14/15: Suqah Supper
Aug 21/22: Raatz Catchers
Aug 28/29 A Mogre'n We Will Go (F2P)
Sept 11/12: Base Clothing special
Sept 18/19: Autumn Equinox event
Sept 25/26: Bodacious Bods (F2P)
Oct 2/3: Oktoberfest 2010!
Oct 9/10: Flights of Fancy IV
Oct 16/17: Chromatopyromania Anniversary event
Oct 21/23/24: Taverna Obscura
Oct 28/30/31: Hallowe'en event (F2P)
Nov 4/6/7: This Is Sparta!
Nov 11/13/14: Village People (Jacques Morali) Tribute event
Nov 18/20/21: Short Measure
Nov 25/27/28: White Night revival (F2P)
Dec 2/4/5: Null and Void
Dec 9/11/12: March of the Penguins II (suggested by YaYa Mann)
Dec 16/18/19: Winter Solstice event
Dec 30/Jan 1/2: New Year Pub Crawl



Dec 30/Jan 1/2: New Year Pub Crawl
Jan 6/8/9: Dudes & Damsels
Jan 13/15/16: Desert Pleasure
Jan 20/22/23: Hide & Seek and member parties!
Jan 27/29/30: Ice, Ice, Baby!
Feb 3/5/6: Serving Spirits
Feb 10/12/13: Pink & Fluffy (F2P)
Feb 17/19/20: Barbarian Bash
Feb 24/26/27: Hammer Time!
Mar 3/5/6: Asgarnia Amble
Mar 10/12/13: Back in Black Again (F2P)
Mar 17/19/20: Party Animal
Mar 24/26/27: Jungle jive
Mar 31/Apr 2/3: Feast of All Fools
Apr 7/9/10: Ringleaders
Apr 14/16/17: Vex(ill)ation!
Apr 21/23/24: Tired & Feathered
Apr 28/30/May 1: Rites of Spring (F2P)
May 5/7/8: Elementary
May 12/14/15: Take a Bow
May 19/21/22: Lumby-Jacks
May 26/28/29: Doctors & Nurses (F2P)
Jun 2/4/5: Monster Masque
Jun 11: QuestFest Record Attempt!
Jun 16/18/19: Summer Solstice event
Jun 23/25/26: Summertime Blues II
Jun 30/Jul 2/3: Mine's A Pint!

Jul 7/9/10: More Tea, Vicar?


Jul 14/16/17: Red or Dead II
Jul 21/23/24: Roamin' Romans II
Jul 28/30/31: Zaros Zeitgeist
Aug 4/6/7: Stand and Deliver
Aug 11/13/14: Culinary Disaster
Aug 18/20/21: Only Fools and Horses
Aug 25/27/28: Clowning Around
Sep 1/3/4: Tour de Citadel
Sep 8/10/11: Back to School
Sep 15/17/18: Talk Like a Pirate
Sep 22/24/25: Autumn Equinox event
Sep 29 /Oct 1/2: Oktoberfest (F2P)
Oct 6/8/9: I'd Rather Wear Fur Than Go [Unclothed]
Oct 13/15/16: In The Navy
Oct 20/22/23: Chromatopyromania Anniversary
Oct 27/29/30: Hallowe'en Event
Nov 3/5/6: Victory March
Nov 10/12/13: Fellowship of the Carousers
Nov 17/19/20: When the Khazard Soldiers Go Marching Home
Nov 24/26/27: Saradomin Blues (F2P)
Dec 1/3/4: The Carousers of Arabia
Dec 8/10/11: The Vikings Have Their Kegs
Dec 15/17/18: It's a Big One!
Dec 22/24/25: Winter Solstice Event
Dec 29/31/Jan 1: New Years Event



Dec 29/31/Jan 1: New Years Event
Jan 5/7/8: For Science!
Jan 12/14/15: Lovable Rogues
Jan 21-22: Party Time! (member party)
Jan 26/28/29: Zamorak's Fury
Feb 2/4/5: Short Walk
Feb 9/11/12: Ghostly Spirits
Feb 18: Valentine Ball
Feb 23/25/26 Hammer Time! II
Mar 1/3/4 Toy March
Mar 8/10/11 Bass-Relief
Mar 15/17/18 St Patrick's Day
Mar 22/24/25 Spring Equinox
Mar 29/31/Apr 1 April Fools Event (F2P)
Apr 5/7/8 Fungal Trouble
Apr 12/14/15 Springtime Lore of Daffodils
Apr 19/21/22 The Chicken and the Egg (P2P short event)
Apr 26/28/29 Loyally Fancy (F2P)
May 3/5/6 Magic Dance
May 10/12/13 The Quest for the Holy Ale
May 17/19/20 "Is there a doctor in the pub?" (P2P short event)
May 24/26/27 Black Knights Always Triumph! (F2P)
May 31/Jun 2/3 Beer and Biscuits
Jun 7/9/10 "What is it good for?"
Jun 14/16/17 Half a Pint (P2P short event)


Jun 21/23/24 Summer Solstice event

Jun 28/30/Jul 1 Feathers in the Wind
Jul 5/7/8 Fireworks!
Jul 12/14/15 For the Glory of Sparta
Jul 19/21/22 Going Bananas
Jul 26/28/29 Quest Fest
Aug 2/4/5 Everything is Permitted
Aug 16/18/19 Spears of Destiny
Aug 23/25/26 Rune Run
Aug 30/Sep 1/2 Adamant Resolve
Sep 6/8/9 Inebriate a Generation
Sep 13/15/16 You're in the Army Now!
Sep 20/22/23 Autumn Equinox
Sep 27/29/30 Cheers!
Oct 4/6/7 Oktoberfest!
Oct 11/13/14 Indian Summer
Oct 18/20/21 What's mine is your... beer
Oct 25/27/28 Halloween
Nov 1/3/4 Balanced... ok a little wobbly
Nov 8/10/11 Mind Bomb
Nov 15/17/18 Vyre not?
Nov 22/24/25 Evolution of Carousing (F2P)
Nov 29/Dec 1/2 Taskmasters
Dec 6/8/9 Random Lament
Dec 13/15/16 Brink of Sanity
Dec 20/22/23 Snow Fun
Dec 27/29/30 Celebrate



Jan 3/5/6 The First Tower
Jan 10/12/13 The Pride of Falador
Jan 17/19/20 Creepy Crawl
Jan 26-27 Party - the Ultimate Answer!
Jan 31/Feb 2/3 Infernal Concoction
Feb 7/9/10 Take Me Back to Port
Feb 16 Valentine Ball
Feb 21/23/24 Rangers Aid
Feb 28/Mar 2/3 Shortie (short Cape event)
Mar 7/9/10 Firemaker's Curse
Mar 14/16/17 Igoitis (Emote event)
Mar 21/23/24 Spring Equinox
Mar 30/31 Clan Play - Mansel in Distress
Apr 4/6/7 Clowning Around
Apr 13/14 Chromatopyromania
Apr 18/20/21 Home Trekkers
Apr 27/28 Charming
May 4/5 General Carousing
May 11/12 Eastern Lands


May 18/19 Green Fingers (Emote event)
May 25/26 Knight Time in Falador
Jun 15/16 Butterfly Swift
Jun 22/23 Pick your Poison (Emote event)
Jul 6/7 Shades of Grey
Jul 20/21 Tanned Hides
Jul 27/28 For Alfred Grimhand (Emote event)
Aug 3/4 Great Pub Project
Aug 17/18 Battle of Lumbridge
Aug 24/25 Divination
Sep 7/8 Summon Your Courage
Sep 21/22 Superheroes
Sep 28/29 Drunken Miners (Emote event)
Oct 19/20 Oh, My God(s)!
Nov 2/3 Halloween
Nov 16/17 Bar-rows
Dec 7 Silver and Gold
Dec 21 Christmas



Jan 4 Bird and the Beast
Jan 18-19 Party Time!
Feb 1 Arcane Expedition
Feb 15 Valentine Ball
Mar 1 Pub Knight
Mar 15 Fate of the Grogs
Apr 19 Feast of Fools
May 3 Chef's Delight
May 17 Into the Void
Jun 21/27 Brazilian Bar Crawl


Jul 5/11 Pest Party
Jul 19/25 Evil Event
Aug 2/8 Carousers' Creed
Aug 16/22 Cape Event
Sep 6/7 Myreque Trek
Sep 20/21 Autumn Equinox
Oct 18/19 Halloween
Nov 1/2 Remember Remember
Nov 15/16 Prepare to Cook
Dec 20/21 Christmas



Jan 10 Cape Emote Record Attempt
Jan 24 Dig and Drink
Feb 7 Looney Lab
Feb 15 Valentine Ball
Mar 7 Zamorak Heist
Mar 15 Let It Flow
Apr 4 7th Anniversary Pub Crawl
Apr 18 Runescape Gathering 2015
May 2/3 Kelp Me
June 6/7 Tuska Trek
June 20/21 To Your Elf



Last updated: 12 June, 2015