Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

Membership restrictions

  • Application as a clan member is open to P2P players who possess and can wear a Quest Cape, and who have completed every current quest. You must also be willing, if accepted, to resign from any other Clan Chat you are in, so that you can be added to ours.
  • The Friends chat 'CarousersFC' is open to unranked guests. All clan events are now held in the FC, and all are welcome. The 'Caped Carousers' Clan Chat is open only to members.
  • Application is open to members of all ages. Members should however have a mature attitude to having fun (!), and be friendly and helpful to others at all times. Those who insult others, mock those less able or experienced than themselves, or enjoy arguing for the sake of argument, are not welcome.
  • Clan members may belong to other RS clans and/or social groups, as long as those groups do not require registration to a Clan Chat. Any disagreements arising from such memberships should be left at the door. Events are not to be used as a venue for pursuing clan vendettas or rivalries.
  • Clan members shall be expected to monitor the private clan forum for news and information. Sweeps are notified only in the clan forum, and not realising a sweep was happening is not accepted as a reason for not responding.
  • Members shall be called Carousers, and will be expected to maintain their Quest Capes to the best of their ability. Members who have not regained their Cape two weeks after the release of a new quest will be given the status of Reveller.
  • The statuses of Tippler, Drunkard and Carouser Perpetual are available only by invitation.
  • Some members may be assigned special roles within the group, and given titles accordingly. In particular, members who regularly lead our keystone Cape Events shall be named Reprobates. Members who help moderate the clan chat shall be named Inebriates.
  • For the first two weeks after being added to the Clan Chat, members will have the status of Newbie. During this time, the new member and the rest of the clan will get to know each other. Most applicants will be confirmed as Carousers after this reciprocal trial period. An applicant who proves to clash badly with the rest of the clan may have further membership declined, at the discretion of the Patrona.
  • The Patrona reserves the right to refuse membership applications without providing reasons.
  • Failure to accept a rejection will be seen as confirming unsuitability for the group.

Last updated 23 June 2016