Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

Member profiles

This section of the site contains some information about the in-game characters of some of our members. Just click on a link for more details!

 Name Gang Timezone
 91raptor Phoenix -7
Amaterasu Mi
 Phoenix +10
 Amlugnes Black Arm
 Amweebo Phoenix +10
 Archaeox Black Arm
Asmund Kares
 Black Arm
Azrael546 Phoenix +0
 Black Mole
 Black Arm
 Bryanqwert Black Arm
 Caistlyn Phoenix -6
 Dibi Phoenix +10
 Don Chosto
 Phoenix +1
 Drakontes Phoenix -8
 Eva li Vyre
 Black Arm
 Evan zi Vyre
 Black Arm
Godofnothing Black Arm
 Iain-Elda Phoenix +0
 Igo Weiqi
 Phoenix +0
 Ker Laeda
 Phoenix +2
 Kickotank Phoenix -5
 Loctavus Phoenix +0
 Lumine Phoenix +10
 MamaBear Phoenix -8
 Marketta Phoenix +2
 Miriel Estel
 Black Arm
 Sah Asrara
 Phoenix +2
Shifu Black Arm
 Sjoerde Phoenix +1
 Tae Phoenix +8
 Teela Glenn
 Black Arm
 Wintergotha Phoenix +1
 YtHaar-Mej Phoenix -6
 ZoriDia Phoenix -5
 Zuorsara Phoenix -7

Everyone listed has responded to a questionnaire by Miriel Estel, who asked:

Q1) Name/Nicknames/Title/etc:
Q2) Race (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Mole, Suqah, Aviansie, Demon, Wolf, Were-Cat, etc...)
Q3) Most important fact or trait that one should know when meeting your character:
Q4) Brief back-story (be creative!):
Q5) Which god(s) (if any) do you admire, follow, worship, hate, or disagree with?:
Q6) Favorite food (that exists in Gielinor):
Q7) Favorite drink (that exists in Gielinor):
Q8) Favorite city, dungeon, building, or area in Gielinor to hang out in and why:
Q9) What item(s) do you never leave the bank without?:
Q10) What activity, mini-game, skill, task, etc have you been working on lately?