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Miri's Kiln Guide


  • Full Obsidian Gear (choose the helm for the particular run)
  • Choose your best main weapon depending on run
    • Mage: I used Arma bstaff w/ water runes for Water Surge
    • Range: I used Arma cbow & royal bolts
    • Melee: I used Augmented Balmung
  • Vampyrism Aura and/or Scrimshaws
  • Tokkul-Zo (Charged)
  • Best necklace (I used Amulet of fury (t)
  • Tirannwn quiver
  • Steel Titan (Really helps a lot!)

After getting equipped, bring 30k tokkul to the Cauldron for the obsidian armor boost. (Pay 15k twice)


  • 2 overload flasks (or two Holy Overlode flasks) or 3 if nervous
  • 2 Super Prayer Renewals (or two prayer flasks if using holy ovls)
  • 1 Weapon Poison++ flask
  • Enhanced Excalibur
  • Dreadnips (if you have them & want to use. Not necessary though)
  • Steel of legends scrolls
  • Rune pickaxe (for Dills-- toolbelt pick only works when using melee)
  • A staff and/or runes for casting Water Surge
    • Not needed during Ranged run.
    • Cast the whole time if using magic.
    • Use spell on the Jads when using melee as the main style to avoid being squished.
  • *Leave three spaces open for crystal collection. (I collect Restoration, Constitution, & Invulnerability)
  • *Rest of the inventory space can be filled with food.


  • I found the Mage run is easiest/fastest, then Range, then Melee.
  • Tell the intro guy: "Let's fight." (Don't choose the "quickly" option.)
  • Relax, breathe, stay calm. It really is a nice easy fight when paying calm attention.
  • Hang out, hide, and heal at the central rock. (Eventually the lava pushes the arena to that area anyway.)
  • I found that Regeneration between waves is a good way to heal.
  • Put Freedom and Anticipation on the Abilities bar to save adrenalin between waves.
  • You will see crystals spawn by the central rock.
    • Most useful are Invulnerability and Constitution. You definitely want these.
    • Only one crystal effect can be used at a time.
  • At wave 10, 20, and 30, there will be a short black screen & cut scene.
  • During Jad waves, pray mage until you see him slam the ground, then pray range.
    • When he rears up to make fire, it' magic.
    • When he slams the ground, you have a moment to pray range before the rock hits.
  • Jad Waves & spawn locations: 10 (sw), 20 (sw), 30 (sw), 34 (se), 35 (ne)
  • 2 Jads: wave 36 (sw & sw)
    • I kill the Jads before the other monsters. He dies really fast. (No healers!)
  • Wave 28: At the start of the wave, use a Constitution crystal. (1 Ket-Zek, 6 Dill)
  • Wave 33: At the end of the wave, use a Constitution crystal. (as prep for 34, 35, and 36 Jad waves)
  • Wave 36: At the start, Use Invulnerability. (Double Jads!)
    • If you somehow don't have Invulnerability, you can trap one. or just tank it. They're softies.
  • Wave 37: Har-Aken! Attack tentacles until the head shows up. You want to kill the head! (He's another softy. But he runs away and comes back, so keep at it! It takes a little while.)
    • I vamp up my adrenalin bar on tentacles and use ultimates when his head appears to kill him faster.
    • Steel titan scroll is very useful to kill him faster.

Best of luck!

Courtesy of Miriel Estel, last update March 2nd 2016