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Great Orb Project

Carouser Great Orb Project games are competitive but friendly, and an effort is made to make sure that teams are balanced. This makes for a more exciting game, and is a lot more fun!

Some training games in the 50/50 format are also held.

Amy's Quick GOP guide!

The Aim of GOP
While “bring the orbs of your team's colour to the altar” sounds simple, the mechanics are a bit more complicated, and correspondingly more demanding.

The Mechanical Foundation
Orbs move along direct (perfectly straight) paths. If they encounter an obstacle, they can do one of three things:
- Bounce off the obstacle, and keep going in approximately the right direction
- Bounce off the obstacle, and keep going in the wrong direction
- Get stuck
Therefore, it is probably best to set them on an obstacle-free path (to the altar), before moving them any sort of distance.

The Paths
The two (most basic) paths an orb can take are:
PPPPP <- a row of tiles
XXXXP <- a diagonal
The ‘tiles’ that are mentioned here are, of course ground tiles. They’re not easy to see with the Ground blending setting on, but they still exist. An easily-visible example of these tiles is in the Falador Party room.

The second part of getting an orb to move along a specific path is, of course, setting your avatar on the same path. Otherwise the orb is going to move in a direction you don’t want it to!

General hints and tips
- Try not to get between orbs and the altar.
- Try to resist the temptation to feed the orbs through the stone arches. They’re not goalposts, and it’s not as easy as it looks.
- If the orb gets stuck on something, let go of it. Teammates won’t be able to do anything with the orb until you do.

GOP is - really and truly - all about teamwork.

Be aware of where your teammates are. If you are not in a great position to score (no clear path), a teammate may be in a better one. Likewise, they may be expecting you to finish a move they can’t.

Share the orbs!

Provided courtesy of Amaterasu Mi, last updated 02 May 2015