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Amy's Fish Flingers Guide

The two biggest factors in a good score are:
- Catching a large total weight of fish
- Finding all 6 perfect (100%) tackle combos

- The main part of the Ratings interface is a table - useful for finding the 100% tackle
- The Tackle-box interface shows 8 bait, 6 hooks and 3 sinkers.

Find a 100%
The general method for finding the correct Bait/Hook/Range is to choose X and Y (two distinct options), try both, and see what the Rating does.
- Rating rises 33%, option Y is correct
- Rating rises 16%, an option similar to Y is correct
- Rating doesn’t change, the correct option is not (nor is it similar to) X or Y
- Rating falls 16%, an option similar to X is correct
- Rating falls 33%, option X is correct

Find the Bait
- Crayfish (s) Shrimp (s) Worm
- Locust (s) Green moth (s) Grey Moth
- Maggot (s) Cricket
Try switching from Shrimp to Green moth

Find the Hook
- Standard (s) Slim
- Bone (s) Wood
- Large (s) Double
Try switching from Slim to Bone

Find the Range
- 1 (s) 2
- 3 (s) 4 (s) 5
- 6
Try switching from 1 to 4

- Re-create the Ratings table in Word/Notepad, and print it out (it is easier to refer to while playing)
- Get a hint from the Fisherman
- In the lobby, click on the Ratings button (this shows where all the species are, starting in locations with one species makes the game slightly easier)

Some hints clearly indicate a specific Bait/Hook option. Here are the ambiguous ones:
- “fairly normal mouth” (Standard hook)
- “small mouth” (Slim)
- “wide mouth” (Large)
- “far from shore” (Range is 5 or 6)
- “fair distance” (Range is 3 or 4)
- “close to shore” (Range is 1 or 2)

Increasing scores
- Catch a fish weighing 191 or more (the maximum weights of the Heaviest/Heavy species are both higher)
- Catch lots of fish
- Catch/assist a Big Fish

Up to 20k Fishing XP

Provided courtesy of Amaterasu Mi , last updated 02 May 2015