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Amy's Fight Cave Tips

Before making any serious attempt at completing the Cave, take a bit of food and make your way to Wave 6 - two Tz-Kek will spawn. Being as bulky as they are, they tend to get stuck on/behind walls, corners and other monsters. Spend some time finding all the crevices and corners of the west wall.

There is a bit of an alcove here:

Fight Cave safe spot

It’s a good spot to rest/hide and heal.

More useful bits

  • Using a set of Obsidian armour (Helm+Body+Legs+Gloves+Boots) reduces the amount of damage taken by 45%
  • Donating 45k Tokkul to the coffer in the Fight Cauldron reduces damage by a further 10% (lasts an hour)
  • Using a helm that matches your attack style increases the accuracy of attacks by 10%
  • The Tokkul-Zo boosts damage against all the monsters by 10%

All the monsters (with the exception of Jad) have a specific weakness, but any style will work (a good majority of them are weak to magic).

  • The Tz-Kih uses melee, and drains prayer
  • The Tok-Xil uses ranged (hurts a little bit), and melee second
  • The Yt-MejKot uses melee, can heal itself and other monsters if it hits you
  • The Ket-Zek uses magic (also hurts a bit), and melee second
  • If Jad turns his head slightly and tucks his chin into his chest, he’s about to use his mage attack
  • If he rears up and slams both feet down, he’s about to use ranged

My random bits

  • The entire fight takes me ~2 hours
  • I usually jump in the prayer/health pools before a run.
  • I take my Enhanced Excalibur, between that and Regenerate I don’t use any potions/food/prayers for healing during waves 1-62
  • My Vampyrism aura comes in handy when the bonfire boost runs out
  • I don’t start using potion boosts until wave 31, so 1-2 Overload flasks is enough
  • I generally don't start using any protect/deflect, leech or other combat-oriented prayers/curses until wave 63
  • I always use deflect range, unless I see Jad is about to mage

Provided courtesy of Amaterasu Mi , last updated 11 November 2015