Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fill out an Application Form?

If you have a Quest Cape you can wear, you have completed all the currently-available quests, and you know you want to join the clan and be added to the CC, you can fill out the 'Application Form - Clan Membership' on pages 3-4.

The Friends chat 'CarousersFC' is open to guests. If you just want to drop in and chat with us, you don't need to fill out anything.

I'm working really hard on getting my Quest Cape - can I join and get advice?

If you are not eligible to apply for membership, you can only log into the open Friends chat 'CarousersFC'. Advice about quests may be requested in the FC, but the actual discussion should then be taken to PM or to a different chat.

I have the number of quest points needed to wear a Quest Cape. But I haven't completed Gunnar's Ground, What's Mine is Yours, Death of Chivalry, and/or the remade version of Wolf Whistle, Druidic Ritual, Death Plateau or Demon Slayer. Can I still apply to join the clan?

No. We feel that a dedicated Quest Cape holder will wish to complete all the currently-available versions of quests, whether or not Jagex has made it necessary in order to retain one's Cape. Note that some of these remade quests are listed in your Adventurer's Log, and we will check to ensure your Log reports your quests as 100% complete before admitting you to the CC. If you state in your application that you have completed all of them when we can see that you haven't, you will be declined even if you believed you were telling the truth. So make sure you check!

What should I bring to Cape Events?

You should bring enough money to buy drinks for yourself and others, kegs, teleport runes and/or jewellery if appropriate, the correct costume/clothing for the event, and a sense of humour.

The dress code says this, so can I wear...?

You should read the posted dress code for the Event carefully and follow it as closely as possible. Variations from the official dress code are at the discretion of the Reprobate running the Event.

What should I bring to non-Cape or minigame events?

Whatever the event organiser has said is needed... or whatever the minigame requires!

Some Carousers have really high levels - is there a level restriction for joining?

Not at all!

I can't take the excitement any more - how do I get out?

If you decide for whatever reason that membership of the Carousers is not for you, please post a resignation in the 'Name and Status changes' sticky in the private clan forum, or in the clan Recruitment thread (this one) if for some reason you can't access the sticky.Please don't 'resign' solely by removing yourself from membership of the CC; this is inconsiderate, and will result in your membership being declined if you should ever wish to reapply.

OMG, I can't make it to the event! Am I in trouble?

Not at all! We all have real lives to think about (no, really!), and attending events is not compulsory. After all, you can't be *forced* to have fun! All that we ask is that you do come to events when you can.

Last updated 07 March 2019