Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

EuroCarouser 2019

Brugge/Bruges, Belgium

May 24th-27th 2019

EuroCarouser 2019 took place in the beautiful and confusingly bilingual city of Bruges/Brugge in Belgium, once again drawing Carousers from across the Continent for a weekend of revellery.

At the famous Beer Wall

In addition to the obligatory sampling of local cuisine and local beers, we also did plenty of sightseeing (there were plenty of sights to see!), including boat trips and rides in horse drawn carriages. As is now traditional, we also successfully completed an escape room, displaying our quest-honed puzzle-solving skills!

The Escapologists

Highlights included Az's homemade escape-room-on-paper event, Wiz joining us twice (because once just wasn't enough), Dave miraculously locating a great pub with just one table for dinner left unreserved, and everyone drawing on Winter's pants. Wait, what? Awesome!