Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

EuroCarouser 2018

Cambridge, United Kingdom

May 17th-20th 2018

Eurocarouser 2018 took place in Cambridge, England - which is of course home to our favourite gaming company, Jagex. This was obviously a big draw, and we had a whopping 14 Carousers join us - representing 6 countries on 3 continents.

Thanks to some hard work and lobbying by Tiffrum, we were invited to tour Jagex's studios, where we were hosted by JMods SteveW and Meadows - who manfully put up with all our weirdness and difficult questions. Timbo joined us for dinner the evening before, as well.

On the famous Jagex sofa!
In the Jagex boardroom - takeover complete!

We also did the usual tourist thing, of course, and as part of our in-depth research visited a number of traditional English pubs (where for a change we weren't thrown out). A visit to the local escape room saw us need all three of their adventurers to fit us all in! Other highlights included Sjoe's mad rush to join us, Mole almost getting kidnapped by a Hen party, and Arch slicing his leg open and needing stitches...

Dinner in the pub - with guest of honour, Mod Timbo!
Success! All rooms successfully beaten.