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EuroCarouser 2017

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

May 26th-28th 2017

EuroCarouser 2017 took place in Frankfurt, one of Europe's financial hubs, with Archaeox, Azrael546, Black Mole, Rikkonerdo Tiffrum and WinterGotha braving the scorching hot (36C+/97F+) temperatures and a variety of travel complications to be there!

For a change this wasn't anyone's home town, so we had to dive right in like a bunch of tourists and hope for the best. Among the most memorable moments were Az nearly getting squashed by a tram, Tiff nearly getting us thrown out of breakfast (!!!) for being too rowdy, and Moley trying very hard to get us arrested at the railway station.

The absolute highlight, however, was the Escape Room found and organised by Winter. Led (slightly reluctantly) by Az, we accepted the challenge of solving fiendish puzzles and sorting out devilish directions, finally emerging triumphant with under 2 minutes to spare! All that questing experience clearly paid off!

In between all that there was lots of sightseeing, a river cruise, Very High Buildings, shopping, seafood, games of One Night Ultimate Werewolf (of course we're all innocent, how could you think otherwise?), and plenty of time in cafes and bars.

Once again, thanks to Az, Arch and Winter, we have photographic evidence...
Obligatory group photo
Champions! After the Escape...
Mole, Winter & Rik in an Aussie bar... to encourage AusCarouser this year!