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EuroCarouser 2016

Amsterdam & Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

June 4th-6th 2016

EuroCarouser 2016, hosted by Wintergotha and Rikkonerdo, was held at the beginning of the summer. , and despite terrible forecasts turned out to be a hot, sunny weekend.

Our hosts were joined in Amsterdam by Archaeox, Azrael546, Cipe, Igo Weiqi, Priest Wiz, Rida, Roelaboela, Sjoerde, Steeldra and Tiffrum. Among the many highlights were a picnic on the motorway with one of Rida's famous cakes, a tour of a craft brewery in the heart of Amsterdam, a guided trip around the heart of the city, and an evening walk on the wild side in the (in)famous Red Light district! Astonishingly, we didn't get thrown out of anywhere this time...

Winter and Rik were incredibly generous with their time, and made a massive effort to ensure that everything was amazing - from hiring an extra car, to shuttling people around, cooking and even providing stocks of beer for those of us who turned up early. Thanks to them, the event was a huge success!

And thanks to Arch, Rik and Winter, we have photographic evidence to prove it...

Carousers in Amsterdam
The Gang!
Picnic time!
Wiz in a Carouser t-shirt
Wiz rocking a Carouser t-shirt
Dinner time!
Dinner is served!
Carousers in the brewery
Carousers in their natural habitat - a brewery!