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EuroCarouser 2015

Prague, Czech Republic

September 5th-6th 2015

EuroCarouser 2015 was held over a late summer weekend, and attended by Archaeox, Azrael546, Don Chosto, Igo Weiqi, Tiffrum and a friend of Don's named Phil. Although individual clan members have met each other often since we were founded, this was the first official real-world mass clan meet organised outside of RuneFest-related events.

Despite a passport being lost on the way to Prague and a missed connecting flight forcing one of us to arrive a day later than planned, we conspired to enjoy ourselves immensely. We took in the Old Town, Wenceslas Square and Prague Castle, were chastised for being too loud a couple of times over the two days, and generally had a good time in great company!

Here are some photos to prove it, provided by Arch, Don and Igo  ;)

I'm sure it's here somewhere...
Typical Carouser
The Gang of Five