Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

Disciplinary Procedure

  • Members failing to observe the Carousers' Code will be served “flat beers”. Three flat beers is more than any normal person can be expected to take, so anyone getting a third will be removed from the membership list. Once served, flat beers cannot be returned - they are there for good.
  • Members who do not respond at once to an Inebriate's direction to log out of the CC can be served a flat beer by that Inebriate. In all other circumstances, flat beers are served by the Patrona.
  • The Patrona will maintain a list of flat beers served, and any member may find out their current number by asking for it in game – the answer will also be provided in game. The list is for internal purposes only, and will not be published in the clan forum.
  •  Severe breaches of the Carousers' Code may result in instant removal from the group, at the Patrona's discretion.