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Bryan's Dagannoth Kings tips

The Dagannoth Kings are three level 303 dagannoths with 35,000LP that represent each style of the combat triangle who live deep within the Waterbirth Dungeon. Each King uses one form of combat and is immune to two attack styles.

  • Dagannoth Prime uses magic attacks and is weak to ranged attacks (specifically arrows). 
  • Dagannoth Supreme uses ranged attacks and is weak to melee attacks (specifically stab or balmung). 
  • Dagannoth Rex uses melee attacks and is weak to magic attacks (specifically fire spells)

The kings reside on an island surrounded by a lake filled with Spinolyp, level 76 creatures that use all combat styles and can poison. These are generally ignored while fighting. 

In a solo or duo, I advise bringing armour for each combat style you bring. In larger teams, void or hybrid armour is more effective as kills will be swift and quick. Players should bring all 3 combat styles unless otherwise arranged before hand. 

I suggest wearing hybrid gear for the necklace, ring, boots and gloves slots. If players have the Fremennik Sea Boots 4 these should be worn as they provide a damage bonus towards the kings and more of the drops will be noted. Players should bring either a Beast of Burden familiar, filled with high level food or a healing familiar such as a unicorn. Those familiar with the area may wish to bring a combat familiar such as the steel titan. You should bring some form of prayer renewal, an antipoison++ potion, enhanced excalibur, a one-click teleport and stat-boosting potions (such as overloads). 

We will be killing the kings in the order of Prime > Supreme > Rex

Dagannoth Prime is generally considered the most dangerous as even against ranged attacks, he has a high defence and his magic spells are hard hitting. When Prime is alive you should use protect from magic. Once dead, players should switch to protect from ranged and focus their attacks on Dagannoth Supreme, once dead switch to protect from magic and start killing Rex. 

If you do not wish to use protection prayers, soul split is a viable alternative. Just watch your LPs while Prime is alive. Once the Kings have been killed once, they become a lot easier to deal with, as each King will spawn at different times, allowing you to focus your efforts on each individual King without being attacked by the others.

Kill in the following order:

Prime (attack with ranged) 
Supreme (attack with melee) 
Rex (attack with magic)

In terms of armour, as I say hybrid or void armour will suffice for this event. Else bring t70+ in each of your chosen combat styles. Weapon wise I suggest the best tier weapon you own (Drygores > Chaotics > GS), (Ascension Xbows/Nox bow > Chaotic Xbows > Royal Xbow), (Seismeics/Nox Staff > Virtus/Attunded Crystal > Whip) 

Notable loot includes: 

Dagannoth Bones (100%) = 6,175 
Dagannoth Hide (100%) = 2,777 

Dragon Hatchet = ~450k 
Archers' Ring = ~40k 
Seers' Ring = ~120k 
Berserker Ring = ~250k 
Warrior Ring = ~95k 

1-80 Earth Talismans (Noted) = Up to ~250k 
1-80 Water Talismans (Noted) = Up to ~1M 

As a side note, those with a Dagannoth task should wear their Slayer Helm

Provided courtesy of Bryanqwert , last updated 12 May 2015