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Bryan's Corporeal Beast tips

Known to Carousers as James, the Corporeal Beast is a level 785 vision of supernatural horror! He has a whopping 100K LP, attacks with both melee and magic attacks and summons a nasty dark energy core to steal your life-points for his own.

NOTE: If you die, you will NOT receive a gravestone. You have 3.5 minutes to get back to your items before they appear to other players and a further 1 minute before they disappear. Make sure you have spare games necklaces in your bank as they provide a direct teleport to the beasts lair.

Players should note that the Corp has a 50% damage reduction from all weapons except spears. No familiars should be brought as he has a unique ability that allows him to devour them, destroying the familiar and healing himself.

You should wear the best melee equipment that you're prepared to bring (Malev > Torva/Tetsu > Bandos/Barrows), a spear weapon (Chaotic > Zamorakian), stat-boosting potions (Ovls > Extremes > Supers), prayer restoring potions (I prefer Super Prayer Renewals), high level food and if using Overloads you may wish to bring some Saradomin brews. A games necklace for quick teleports and Enhanced Excalibur.

Players should use soul split and turmoil if available, however if you are taking constant damage from the beast it can be beneficial to swap to Protect from Magic. During the fight, he will summon a dark energy core. This will jump around the room and land next to, or under a player. You will start to take constant damage (150-600LP/tick) and the beast will be healed for this amount. Simply move one square away from the core and he will jump to another player. Continue to move away until the Corp is dead, and the core will disappear.

Using the Debilitate ability can be very beneficial, as can Devotion if you're praying against magic attacks.

Noteable loot inculdes:

Spectral Sigil: ~750k
Arcane Sigil: ~7m
Elysian Sigil: ~13.5m
Divine Sigil: ~15.6m
2,000 X Cannonballs: ~600k
175 X Onyx (e) bolts: ~1.5m
Holy elixir: ~700k

James also drops many noted items such as Green D'hide, Magic logs, Addy/Rune ore etc.

Thanks to Flarr for reminding me - James also has a stomp attack that does 7k+ damage if you stand underneath him for too long, so make sure you don't accidentally click under him.

Provided courtesy of Bryanqwert , last updated 02 May 2015