Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

Citadel Smithing

The Caped Carousers have worked hard, sweated the skills, and completely maxed out their Clan Citadel!

This means that no further upgrades will be set, although upkeep is still needed. It also means that we've changed the guidelines for working - and especially smithing - in the Citadel. These are the new rules, as posted on our forum.

At present, resource targets will be set to show what is needed for upkeep, but no locks will be set.

* If you see that upkeep in a particular resource has not yet been met, it's preferred but not obligatory that you should work on that resource.

* It is now permissible to cap on ore or charcoal without having a specific person agree to smith it.

Because the Storehouse carries over a proportion of bars to next week, but no ore or charcoal, it's preferred that bars should be created from any existing ore or charcoal, but this is not obligatory.

* If you want to reserve ore or charcoal that you've made for your use later on or for the use of someone else, you should post in the special thread on our forum.

* If you don't want to reserve it, you need not post. Your resources may then be used by anyone who wants to.

* If you want smithing xp, you should check the forum thread to see whether any of the ore or charcoal in existence has been noted as reserved for someone. If it has, you may not use it.

If it has not, you may use the resources, even if it turns out that the owner logged out without being able to post.

* If you are aware that someone else has lost connection suddenly and may be unable to post to reserve their resources, you may post on their behalf. If you have to leave suddenly, you may ask someone else to post for you.

* Smithing groups are no longer necessary just because a person wants to cap on ore or charcoal; it's now permissible to do this without knowing who will use it.

A group may still be formed if desired. A group should ensure that they process their resources as soon as possible after they're made, as it's inconvenient to other smiths to leave reserved resources in existence for long periods.

Have fun up there!

Last updated: 29 September 2015