Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

The Carouser Code

The following is the full, formal text of the code of conduct applied by the Caped Carousers, known as the Carouser Code. You will find a lot of this information elsewhere on these pages as well! ;)


  • All scheduled events are now held in the open FC 'CarousersFC'.
  • Cape Events (with dress code) will be arranged by the Patrona or the Cape Event planner and announced in the Carousers' clan forum .
  • Any members may suggest events for inclusion. We aim to have Reprobates in timezones convenient to members in Europe, the Americas and Australasia.
  • Members are expected to know when events are on.
  • If they attend a Cape Event, members must adhere to the dress code provided. Minor variations are at the discretion of the Reprobate running the event, but the dress code normally includes sufficient alternatives to allow for some choice. Guests need not attend in costume.
  • It is preferred that members attend any Cape Event held while they are online, although it is not obligatory.
  • Informal Minigame and Training events may be run by any member, once assessed by the Scheduler to avoid scheduling clashes and approved by the Patrona. All such events are entirely optional. Guests may attend these events.
  • At events, members MUST remain polite to all other players at all times! We don’t wish to give drinkers a bad name!
  • If you are not taking part in a scheduled event, please do not interrupt the channel where it is taking place with off-topic chatter.


    • For a period of (usually) two weeks after the release of a new quest, you should not refer to it at all in the Clan Chat, with the exception of the Three Permitted Comments: "I have (not) started [quest name]", "I have (not) finished [quest name]", and "I (do not) like [quest name]".
    • There are many and varying definitions of what constitutes a spoiler and what does not among different members of the group, so in order to prevent acrimony of the "you spoiled!" "I did not!" and "you were about to spoil!" "I was not!" varieties, we do not discuss a new quest in the CC.
    • A particularly difficult quest may attract a longer non-discussion period at the discretion of the Patrona.
  • By the end of a quest's non-discussion period, it's assumed that all members will have regained their Capes or requested Reveller status.
  • It is not obligatory to request Reveller status as soon as you qualify for it, but you should note that you can only expect people not to spoiler in front of you if you are wearing your 'warning badge'. Periodically the Patrona may update your status after checking your Adventurer's Log.
  • A quest should not ever be discussed in front of a marked Reveller, Tippler or Drunkard who hasn't completed it yet. Assume they haven't until you've heard from them that they have, or until they have expressly declared that they don't mind quest spoilers.
  • Note that Inebriates, provisional members and those with Citadel-related ranks are not able to be marked as Revellers, and not all such members are high-levelled. If in doubt, ask whether anyone minds spoilers before remarking on a quest recently out of its non-discussion period.
  • Those wishing for hints in completing a difficult quest can ask in the CC for someone to PM them. Alternatively, you can log into the Spoilers chat (Friends chat 'Big Dave'). You can also talk in the Spoilers chat if you wish to discuss a new quest or new piece of content with others.
Other new content
  • Other new content with details initially hidden by Jagex or only discoverable by taking part in the content - notably (but not restricted to) Achievement Diary awards, details of holiday events, and newly-released skills or game areas - should not be discussed in the CC unless/until referenced in the Game Guide or Wiki. Please always be considerate of the preferences of others.
The Clan Citadel
  • Contributing to the Clan Citadel is not mandatory, but is encouraged. We didn't get to Tier 7 by having nobody care about it! ;)
  • Now that we've finished upgrading our Citadel the fierce former rules about Smithing there are no longer in effect. Members still should read the Citadel Smithing protocols on the clan website before embarking on the creation of ore, charcoal or bars in the Citadel.
General standards

  • Members may NOT promote the real life consumption of alcohol under any circumstances. In real life alcohol is dangerous, and should be approached responsibly.
  • Respect other users and their feelings: no spamming, flaming, deliberate provocation, or behaviour that's intentionally annoying or knowingly offensive.
  • Remember that a degree of maturity is expected in the chat channel; please try to avoid childishness.
  • Avoid incorrect abbreviations like 'k k', 'wuu2', 'pl0x', 'u', 'y', 'r' etc., and the use of potentially offensive ones ('wtf', 'ffs', 'stfu' etc.), as a refusal may cause civil war to break out!
  • As a wider general principle, please always write in the clearest English you can. The errors of a non-native speaker are fine; errors of indifference or purposeful carelessness aren't.
  • Please refrain from referring to Dungeoneering as 'Dung' - possible alternatives are 'd'g', 'dunge', 'dun' or (to quote one Carouser) "anything else that doesn't sound like fertilizer".* Listen to warnings from the Inebriates or Patrona.
  • Act with honour at all times.
Conduct on the forums

  • Members must not flame others on the threads, nor respond to flames or spam by non-members. The theme around which this group is based is a controversial one, and it is ESSENTIAL that this rule is followed.
  • The forum threads should not be bumped; they are quite capable of looking after themselves!
  • Administration of the Recruitment thread should be left to the Patrona and the Doorman. Other Carousers should post on it only to confirm their support for an applicant.
  • Other posts by current members that formerly belonged in the Rec thread (name changes, status changes, notice of absence, resignations) should now be posted in the appropriate sticky in the Carousers' private Clan forum.

  • Ordinary ranks will be assigned in the Clan Chat and in the Friends chat 'CarousersFC' as follows:
  • Recruit - Drunkard
  • Corporal - Newbie
  • Sergeant - Tippler (clan member who has never held a Quest Cape)
  • Lieutenant - Reveller (former Caped Carouser who has lost their Cape)
  • Captain - Caped Carouser
  • General - Inebriate or higher rank
  • Additional Clan Chat and Citadel administrative ranks will be assigned in the Clan Chat as follows:
  • Admin - Avatar Wardens, the Gopher
  • Organiser - Target Seekers, the Calculating Castellan
  • Co-ordinator - Bill Poster Esq., the Cape Event planner, the Scheduler, the Temporal Assistant, event leaders
  • Overseer - the Doorman
  • Deputy Leader - the Gaffer Emeritus
  • Owner - the Patrona
  • For security reasons, any member changing their display name MUST post a notification of this in the 'Name and Status changes' sticky as their next action. Failure to post within 24 hours will result in instant removal.

Last updated 07 March 2019