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Brother Bryan's Beginner's Guide to

DPS at BeastMaster Durzag

Beastmaster Durzag (BM) is the first of the two Mazcab bosses; he must be fought using the group system with 10 players in total. In this fight you will have to deal with 42 Airuts and Chargers, Beastmaster Durzag and his three pets, Cormes, Tuz, and Krar. There are a couple of roles at this boss:

  • Base tank (bt): Takes the brunt of BMs attacks throughout the kill.
  • Backup tank (bu): Vokes BM at 750k LP or 2man BTs under 750k LP
  • Pet tank (pt): Takes the focus of the pets that spawn. Usually one person will take the 1st (Cormes) and 3rd pets that spawn, and the 2nd pet tank will take the 2nd spawned pet (Tuz and Krar – the spawn order for these is random for each kill).
  • DPS: That’s you, these players focus on dealing as much damage per second as possible.

At BM you should use either magic or ranged, preferably power armour – unless you are tanking.


Superior elite void*

> (Ranged) >Sirenic > Pernix > Armadyl
OR(Magic) > Tectonic > Virtus > Subjugation

*Only those confident in their abilities and with a good understanding of the BM mechanics should wear SE void.


(Ranged) > Noxious longbow / Ascension Crossbow > Attuned Crystal bow > Zaryte Bow / Royal Crossbow / Chaotic Crossbow
(Magic)>Noxious Staff / Seismic Wand & Singularity > Attuned Crystal Staff / Virtus Wand & Book / Chaotic Staff


Amulet of souls (better for beginners) / Reaper Necklace >
(Ranged) >Farsight sniper necklace > Saradomin’s Murmour > Dragon Rider amulet > Amulet of fury
(Magic)>Arcane stream necklace > Dragon Rider amulet > Saradomin’s hiss > Amulet of fury


Ring of Death / Asylum Surgeon’s ring > Superior Leviathan ring / Archers’ ring (I) OR Seers’ Ring (I) > Sixth-Age circut ring


Ascension bolts > Royal bolts(Use Araxyte arrows if Nox bow)


Vampyrism > Penance


Sign of Life > Sign of Death – Or use Illuminated God book (no charges) or a scrimshaw if you have 99 Divination (Portent of Life > Portent of Death)

As with most bosses, you’ll get faster kills using offensive pocket slot items/auras, but until you get used to what you’re doing, it’s a good idea to give yourself as much food/prayer as you can, just incase.

Inventory Loadout:
1x Holy Overload flask > Overload
4x Super Restore flask (Sub for one Super Prayer Renewal if not using Holy OVL)
1x Adrenaline flask
4x Saradomin brew flask
Enhanced Excalibur
Dreadnips (any combat style)
The rest x Rocktail

Pack Yak contents:
30x Rocktail

Reccommended Action bar (using Revolution Mode):
From left to right
For Ranged:
Dazing shot (2H) / Needle strike (Dual-wield), Sacrifice, Corruption Shot, Snipe, Tuska’s Wrath (Anticipation if you don’t have it), Piercing Shot, Fragmentation Shot, Snap Shot, Bombardment, Death’s Swiftness, Surge, Freedom, Devotion, Rapid Fire (bind)

For Magic:
Corruption Blast, Dragon Breath, Sacrifice, Sonic Wave (2H) / Concentrated Blast (Dual-wield), Tuska’s Wrath (Anticipation if you don’t have it), Chain, Combust, Wrack, Smoke Tendrils, Wild Magic, Sunshine, Surge, Devotion, Asphyxiate (stun)

You should set your quick curses to Protect from Melee, Protect Item, and Anguish (range) / Torment (mage). Even though you'll be praying range at the beginning, there are some instances (explained later on) where you may need to quickly swap to Protect from Melee.

Starting the fight:

To begin this fight, all 10 players must be in a group together, with the group set to “Liberation of Mazcab”. Everyone must also select the ‘ready’ button on the group – Keep this tab open somewhere on your screen (it’s ok if it’s small) as you may need to use the leave button during the fight (explained later). Once everyone has ‘readied up’, the group leader will teleport everyone to the entrance to the raiding area. Here you will find a bank, and an everlasting fire. Before entering the raid, burn 5 logs on the fire to gain the 5% bonfire health boost. When you are ready, go through the blue barrier to your north to enter the raid instance – you won’t be able to do this until the leader has gone through first.

NOTE: Players should already have all of their gear on before being teleported. It is acceptable to bonfire boost/summon familiars after, but your cue that the fight is about to start is the group teleport.

Horde phase:

This fight is held in a large square room, with four gongs, one in the middle of each side of the room. You will see at the top of your screen a counter, this is the number of airuts/chargers that need to be killed before BM spawns, these will come out from the four gongs. Chargers are dogs that jump around onto players dealing melee damage. Airuts here are exactly like the ones you’ll find around RuneScape, using melee and ranged attacks & having a pummelling attack – HOWEVER, these airuts are much stronger than the ones you will be used to, easily able to hit 4-5k damage with every melee attack.

At the start of the fight, you should stand in the middle next to the Goebie (don’t talk to him, else you may accidently start the fight). When the Goebie starts to walk off, turn your prayers on and pot up. You should be praying protect from ranged, anguish/torment & protect item. All players should prioritize killing airuts over anything else for the entire kill, as they can easily overwhelm unsuspecting players. Use any stuning/binding abilities you have on the airuts as they come out of the gongs to prevent them getting close to the team. If you find an airut is attacking you, immediately swap to protect from melee (turn your quick curses on) – and use devotion if you have adrenaline.

Once you have killed 21 chargers/airuts, the first pet (Cormes) will spawn on the western side of the arena. When Cormes spawns, there will be 2 airuts and a number of chargers in the arena. Players should kill the two airuts but DON’T kill the chargers – if the remaining chargers are killed, another wave of airuts will come out. Remain in the middle and attack Cormes once the airuts are dead, players should now build to 100% adrenaline and use death’s swiftness/sunshine.

One of the Pet tanks will focus the brunt of the pets damage on them, but all pets and BM have a line of sight attack. Basically imagine, in 3D if you were there, can the pet “see” you? If it can, it’s going to attack you. Simply move out of the pets line of sight, and you’ll cease to take extra damage. As long as the Pet tank is doing their job correctly, if you’re standing in the middle around where the Gobie was, you won’t be attacked by the pet.

NOTE: Players should not use any stuns on the pets, as this can cause them to jump around the room and lose focus off the tank. They will on occassion jump around but this is not normally an issue for Cormes. (See Tuz & Krar)

When Cormes is dead, players should kill the remaining 21 chargers and airuts, in doing so, the real battle begins.

Durzag, Tuz & Krar:

Tuz & Krar

At the end of the horde phase, BM and one pet will spawn in the northern section of the room. Players should wait a few seconds so that the BT can provoke BM, after this, everyone should ‘tag’ (deal at least one point of damage to) BM. This will ensure, as long as the team gets the kill, even if you die you will still get the kill and be able to receive your loot. The BT will lure BM to the south-east corner, and the PT will lure the first pet to the north-west corner.

At the same time, all the cages around the room (24 of them) will suddenly have a charger in them. The DPSers should go up to the cages and left-click release on them – if this is not done, they will all be released at once dealing high levels of damage. This is particularly important to do as all tanks will be standing in the corners, and the chargers have a high chance of focusing their attacks onto them. Generally you’ll have 4 DPSers collect 6 chargers each from the four corners of the room, they will then lure the chargers to the south-west corner where all chargers will be killed using AOE abilities – corruption shot/blast/bombardment/detonate etc. If you have more than 2-3 chargers on you, you should swap to protect from melee to reduce sustained damage UNLESS within line of sight of Pets/BM.

As a beginner, I suggest you ignore the chargers, and after tagging BM focus your attention on lowering the health of the first pet. If someone calls out ‘chargers’, all available players should make haste and release them. Once all the chargers are killed, all DPS should stand in the middle somewhere and build to 100% adrenaline to death’s swiftness/sunshine. You should rotate through your threshold abilities – taking note not to use any stuns or binds on the pets (this includes dreadnips). About one minute after BM has spawned, the final pet will spawn – this pet will also be lured off to one of the remaining corners.

On occasion, the pets will lose focus off the PT and jump across the room. If the pet jumps near you, immediately swap to protect from melee, as their melee attacks can hit 6k+, then simply move out of melee distance of the pet (2 squares) and wait for the PT to relure their pet. If you get a message in the middle of your screen, it means one of the pets has “bitten” you, this is a bleed ability. Players need simply to use freedom to reduce the damage from this.

Once the first pet is at ~150K LP, all DPS should focus on the final pet. Again, build to 100% adrenaline, death’s swiftness/sunshine, and cycle through thresholds. Once the 3rd pet is at ~100K LP, all players should move towards BM who will be in the south-east corner.

NOTE: Tuz uses powerful magic attacks, and Krar uses powerful ranged attacks. If you find you are within their line of sight and NOT in melee distance, it is advised to pray accordingly until you have safely moved to the side of the pet (and thus out of its line of sight).

Beastmaster Durzag

Once the 3rd pet has been reduced to ~100K LP, all DPSers move to attack BM. All players should use dreadnips as often as possible on BM to reduce damage done to the tanks. Again, build to 100% adrenaline and cycle your thresholds. You may see BM moving back and forth between the two players (BT/BU) on the south wall, this is fine and no cause for panic – if you see BM start walking (diagonally NW) towards the DPSers, pray protect from melee and move away as fast as you can, more than likely this means one of the tanks have died. This however is no cause for panic as a more experienced raider will more than likely take over one of the tank roles and refocus the attention of BM.

Once BM is reduced to 750K LP Durzag will become enraged and it is time to kill Tuz and Krar – doing so before 750k LP will auto-force Durzag to enrage. By this stage the PTs will have lowered the pets health to sub-40K LP, so this won’t take long. Once the pets are dead, resume focus on Durzag. Remember to re-nip as often as you can. If death’s swiftness/sunshine are off cooldown, players should build to 100% and use these, otherwise cycle your thresholds – it is fine to use your stun/bind abilities on BM once you start dreadnipping Durzag.

NOTE: When both pets are dead, all players should swap to protect from melee.

Durzag has two special attacks you need to pay attention to. The first results in him throwing cages out into the arena that contain more chargers. These chargers should be ignored, as under 750K LP BM is enraged and it is more important to prioritize killing Durzag. Some players may become trapped in cages, if you are next to them you may free them, but they are still able to attack so it is not mandatory.

The more deadly of Durzag’s moves is called bomb throw – imagine a pack of dynamite with legs. There will be one bomb for every player and these explode after 3-4 seconds of landing. Bombs have a left-click defuse option, and all players should defuse bombs, you should be able to safely defuse 2-4 bombs before they blow up. DON’T go running several squares away to defuse bombs, simply defuse the ones nearby to you and then continue killing BM. If bombs are not defused, they will deal 2K damage per bomb to every player within range.

NOTE: If you find that there are a lot of bombs nearby, and you are unable to defuse them, players may surge away – DO NOT do this lightly, as it is frowned on. It is generally considered common practice to just eat up and tank the bomb damage if you can't defuse them all.

Keep cycling thresholds, re-nip, re-ovl and keep your health high and shortly after Durzag will be dead.

NOTE: If players stand too close to Durzag, they may be dragged in under him. If this happens you should immediately click to move away, turn protect from melee on and start eating food. BM has a trample attack (similar to the Corporeal Beast) and can kill players in seconds if they don’t move. REMEMBER: Click to move > Pray melee > eat food.

NOTE: If lots of players start dying, or someone calls leave, the only way to exit the arena is by logging out (which you can’t do in combat) or by leaving the group. To do this, hold down the 1 key and keep pushing the “leave from group” button – 1 is the quick key to confirm you wish to leave. On leaving the group, you’ll be taken back to the bank by the raid instance. If the kill turns badly, it is advised to leave the group rather than hoping/waiting that an admin will kick you from the group. (If you are will me, and we need to leave, I will ensure you get a kick before removing myself.)

Once Durzag has been killed, you are able to click on his corpse to receive loot, there is an option to send all loot to the bank. If you died, you may either jump back into the arena after the fight has ended, or use the loot option with Fletcher, by the raid bank. If you died during the fight, you may rejoin the instance to spectate the remainder of the kill.

TL/DR Notes:

Pray range
Horde phase:
-Kill airuts > chargers.
-Stun/bind airuts, PRAY MELEE if airuts attack you.
-@Cormes spawn, DON’T kill chargers, focus on Cormes.
-Kill remaining airuts > chargers.
-Tag BM on spawn.
-Clear chargers from cages, lure to SW corner – pray melee if needed.
-Lower 2nd pet to 150K LP.
-Lower 3rd pet to 100K LP.
-DON’T stun/bind pets.
-Stay out of pets line of sight.
-Dreadnip BM as much as you can.
-Pray melee.
-@750K LP, kill Tuz/Krar.
-Defuse all bombs – Keep HP 8K+ .
-Ignore chargers.
-Spam DPS.

Players wishing to be guided through their first kills, or who need helping getting a team together should message me via any of the usual channels.

Courtesy of Bryanqwert, last updated April 2nd 2016