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Amy's Anachronia Advice - Big Game Hunter


First things I found helpful - change the camera and graphics settings.

Camera: Settings > Gameplay tab > General > Game Interaction .... Set camera to Freedom mode and zoom out.

Graphics: turning Ground decoration and Textures/Terrain Blending off can help make it easier to see the patches of long grass.

When entering an encounter, try noting the:

- walking path of the dinosaur (see images below)

- location of trees/vines/grass

- paths or edges of the arena that the detection radius doesn't cover

Then try following the dinosaur around while collecting logs/vines.

V-neck pattern
Coathanger pattern
Triple pattern
Fidget spinner pattern
Clown face pattern
Figure eight pattern

There are always two trees and two vines in each arena. Suitability depends on the walking pattern or number of monsters in the arena. 

Example: The eastern tree in the Arcane Apoterrasaur arena is generally viewed as a death-trap. It can, however, work for two dinosaurs (smaller radius).

The number – and locations of – tall grass is random. Maximum seems to be two.


When you're actually ready to try trapping the dinosaur, start with attempting to build the pressure pad in the middle. It's the hardest part, but you'll lose the least amount of progress/resources.

Funnily enough, the centre of the arena may also be the safest place to hide. The shortest distance to travel to reach a 'safe' spot may be on the other side of the pressure plate, all you have to do is run around it.

Use Anticipation/Freedom abilities for avoiding/breaking stuns inflicted by BGH dinosaurs.

Count your spears! - Easiest way to tell if you've armed all 3 scorpions or not.

Poison colour strategies:

It is possible to figure out the correct colour, without having to sit through the cutscene showing the hitsplats.

Tip two spears with the same colour, and the third spear with a different colour.

(2 x 30k) + 15k = 75k damage done (15k HP remaining, 1 more spear needed)
(2 x 30k) + 7.5k = 67.5k damage done (22.5k HP remaining, 1 more spear needed)
(2 x 15k) + 30k = 60k damage done (30k HP remaining, 1 more spear needed)
(2 x 15k) + 7.5k = 37.5k damage done (52.5k HP remaining, 2 more spears needed)
(2 x 7.5k) + 30k = 45k damage done (45k HP remaining, 2 more spears needed)
(2 x 7.5k) + 15k = 30k damage done (60k HP remaining, 2 more spears needed)

Frog removal

Frog repellent (costs 10 marks) removes one type of frog – either the one that does 7.5k damage OR the one that does 15k damage.

The T3 Hunter Lodge has the same effect as Frog repellent.

Frog repellent can stack with the T3 Hunter Lodge, or with itself (effectively leaving the only, correct type of frog).

Other notes:

  • Jadinkos should not show up in double or triple -dino encounters. Nor should they appear in the first 3 arenas (Arcane Apoterrasaur, Bagrada Rex and Scimitops). 
  • Most drops are stackable/noted. Some are un-noted, but can be noted.
  • Some drops are only good for alching or disassembling.
  • A Dwarven chainaxe doubles logs and vines received, but the Seers helm won't.
  • The quick traps perk (50 marks from the Hunter Mark Shop) is definitely helpful.
  • The T1 Hunter Lodge perk (10% chance of gathering extra logs or vines) is nice.
  • The T2 Hunter Lodge perk (Big Game Hunter creatures now take an extra 2.4 seconds to catch you) was patched after release. Now the circle takes longer to turn red, but once it does you will be immediately ejected.

Courtesy of Amaterasu Mi, last updated Oct. 14th 2019