Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

Carousers around the web

The Caped Carouser community exists beyond our RuneScape clan and friend chats! Current and former Carousers also keep in touch through Facebook, Steam, Skype and TeamSpeak - more details below!


We have had a Facebook group, The Caped Carousers, at since 2009. This being Facebook, you can expect to see pictures, posts, the occasional competition, memes and other fun stuff, as well as RS screenshots and all kinds of general Carouserly goodness!


Many Carousers would consider themselves gamers, and even some of those who wouldn't can be found over in the Steam community! Our official Steam group is called Carousers, and you can score an invite from anyone who's already a member; contact Amweebo, Black Mole or Archaeox if desperate! Come on over!


We have a relaxed and welcoming presence on Discord - Carousers and Friends - including voice chat! Ythaar-Mej is the man in the know, contact him or post on our RS Clans section forum for an invite code!

Last updated: March 23rd 2019