Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

Carousers around the web

The Caped Carouser community exists beyond our RuneScape clan and friend chats! Current and former Carousers also keep in touch through Facebook, Steam, Skype and TeamSpeak - more details below!


We have had a Facebook group, The Caped Carousers,  at since 2009. This being Facebook, you can expect to see pictures, posts, the occasional competition, memes and other fun stuff, as well as RS screenshots and all kinds of general Carouserly goodness!


Many Carousers would consider themselves gamers, and even some of those who wouldn't can be found over in the Steam community! Our official Steam group is called Carousers, and you can score an invite from anyone who's already a member; contact Amweebo, Black Mole or Archaeox if desperate! Come on over!


Voice chat is a thing! The glamorous Miriel Estel has been hosting a Carouser group over on Skype for several years - it's full of Carousers, former Carousers and assorted friends. You can find it at "Runeskypians! Come for a pint, stay for the crazies", which seems appropriate... If you're of a sensitive disposition, you should note that you might find the language here a little less sedate than on our other channels, but we're a welcoming bunch! You might even catch one of the infamous sing-along sessions. You'll need an invite from someone in the chat to get in - contact Miri if this gets tricky.


Yes, we have TeamSpeak! It's not compulsory for any of our events, but we do have a private Carouser channel, thank to Bryanqwert.

The server is set up so that if anyone connects they won't be able to move, speak, or type without being given permissions by a current member. This will ensure that your friends can get on easily and join us, but pre-emptively prevents anyone from causing trouble without first being recognized as a welcome guest.

All clan members have equal permissions on the server, with a few exceptions for technical support roles - so don't worry, you won't be able to break anything. You'll all be able to freely add and remove people from the friends list, and kick/ban people from the server.

Any member that wishes to, can also have their own private channel on the server - Title it, edit it, password it - do whatever you wish with it.

The ability to view IP addresses is disabled, so you're completely safe in that regard too.

You can connect to the server via the following server addresses:

Don't have TeamSpeak? Here's how to get it!

  • Download and install the relevant client from the TS website. If you aren't sure if you need the 32-bit or 64-bit version, go to your start menu, right click My Computer, and select Properties. It should say under system type which version you are running.
  • Run TeamSpeak from the location you installed it to.
  • Once TS is open, from the top left, go to Connections, then click Connect. This will open a dialog box. Under "Server Address" type "". Under Nickname, type the name you wish to be known as.
  • On the bottom right of the dialog box, click connect. You should now connect to the Carousers TS server!