Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan


The Poison Arrow

The Poison Arrow, Ardougne
The Poison Arrow, Ardougne

Located in the commercial district near the docks of West Ardougne, the friendly ad comfortable Poison Arrow is Gielinor's premier themed pub. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to archery and fletching, and the Slayer trophies adorning the walls are testament to the staff's active interest in toxophily. 

On the Menu ...
 Beer 2gp
 Ranger's Aid
 Ranger's Aid (m)
 Skewered kebab

Businessmen, fishermen, squirrels and craftsmen congregate here to enjoy good speciality beers, and the pub's world famous skewered kebabs - cooked on a spit before your very eyes to guarantee freshness and flavour!

Previously abandoned, what is now the Poison Arrow was renovated and named through popular competition as a direct result of intervention by the Caped Carousers, in whose hearts it therefore holds a special place. 

The Flying Horse

The Flying Horse, Ardougne
The Flying Horse, Ardougne

Hard up against the walls of West Ardougne, the Flying Horse attracts a rough, working class clientele.

On the menu... 

Although its catering is minimal, it is clean and well kept, and has two pleasant rooms for rent. Local gossip would have you believe that there is a gambling den beneath the annexe at the rear, but real sportsmen will appreciate the dartboard in the saloon.