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Brother Bryan's Beginners' Solo Araxxi Guide

Araxxi is considered the hardest solo boss in-game, she is Araxxor's mate whom you must fight through various stages before getting to Araxxi. They reside in the Araxyte Hive, beneath the Haunted Woods. Although you can also fight in a duo, the boss becomes “twice as hard” and is not advised until you have an understanding of the basic fight mechanics.

As this is a guide to get you started, we will solely be looking at using a ranged setup. While you can complete kills faster with melee or magic, ranged is the easiest combat style against this boss.

Suggested levels:

90+ In all combat styles (Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Ranged, Constitution)
95+ Prayer (Anguish)
96+ Summoning (Pack Yak)
96+ Herblore (Overloads – A spicy stew will provide a herblore boost of up to 6 levels)

Suggested equipment:

Main-hand weapon: Ascension Xbow > Death Lotus dart > Chaotic Xbow
Off-hand weapon: OH Ascension Xbow > OH Death Lotus dart > OH Chaotic Xbow
2H weapon: Noxious longbow > Attunded Crystal bow > Zaryte bow/Royal Xbow

Use the best tier weapon you can, it is perfectly viable to use a Noxious Longbow instead of Ascensions. I don't advise attempting this boss with anything lower than the weapons listed above.

Helm: Sirenic mask > Pernix cowl > Armadyl helmet
Body: Sirenic hauberk > Pernix body > Armadyl chestplate
Legs: Sirenic chaps > Pernix chaps > Armadyl chainskirt
Gloves: Ascension grips > Pernix gloves > Armadyl gloves > “Barrows” Gloves
Boots: Flarefrost boots > Pernix boots > Armadyl boots

I have not mentioned the use of Death Lotus armour here as that doesn't provide any ranged offensive stats. If you don't have any of the above items then Death Lotus > Karil's > Warpriest. While it is possible to get kills without any armour at all, you will notice the difference by using higher tier armour.

Necklace: Amulet of souls > Farsight sniper necklace > Saradomin's murmur > Dragon Rider amulet > Amulet of fury > Amulet of ranging
Ring: Ring of Death/Asylum Surgeon's ring > Superior Leviathan ring > Archers' ring (I) > Sixth-Age circut
Cape: Completionist's Cape > Tokhaar-Kal-Xil/Ava's alerter > Max Cape > Skillcape

Bolts: Tirannwn Quiver [Ascension bolts > Royal bolts] – Or Araxyte Arrows if using Nox Bow
Aura: Vampyrism > Penance
Pocket: Sign of Life > Sign of Death

While offensive Auras and Pocket items will allow for swifter kills, I suggest using the above until you are comfortable with all parts of the fight mechanics.

Inventory Loadout:

You should arrange all these items in your inventory so you know where all of them are at any time. A messy inventory can be the difference between life and death. The less time you spend looking for the potion you need, the more you can spend concentrating on the fight.

1 X Overload flask
2 X Super Prayer Renewal
1 X Super Restore flask
1 X Antipoison++ flask
1 X Adrenaline flask
11 X Saradomin Brew flask
8 X Rocktail
Enhanced Excalibur
Phoenix necklace
Araxyte Pheromone

Pack Yak contents:
30 X Rocktail

NOTE: I use Rocktails for all of my bossing expeditions due to the price difference as compared to Rocktail soups. You shouldn't have a need to use Soups, however if you have some rotting in your bank from ports, or don't mind spending the extra dosh use them by all means. The same goes for Super Saradomin brews, while nice to use, the price just doesn't make them worthwhile. Once you get the hang of things, you should find you don't need to bring brews at all.

You can also use a Holy Overload and substitue the Super Prayer Renewals for Super Restore flasks.

Reccommended Action bar (using Revolution Mode):

Have the following abilities, from left to right, on your action bar -

Sacrifice – Heals 25% of damage dealt, this adds up over the course of a long fight.
Anticipation – Reduces your damage taken by 10% and also helps with Araxxor's special attacks Cocoon & Cleave.
Needle Strike – Lowers opponents resistance to critical hits, your next attack gains +5% damage.
Fragmentation Shot – Damage over time ability, useful during the Cobweb special attack.
Ricochet – Hits up to two aditional targets, useful during minion spawns.
Freedom – Useful against Cocoon & Cleave special attacks.
Bombardment – High damaging ability, particuarly useful on clustered minions.
Debilitate – Reduces opponent damage by 50%
Devotion – Gives 100% protection from attacks when using the correct prayer.
Rapid Fire – High damaging ability.
Snap Shot - High damaging ability.
Death's Swiftness – Increases damage by 50%.

Deflect Magic – Have this keybound – I use #1
Deflect Missiles – Have this keybound – I use #2

Players should have Deflect Magic, Protect Item and Anguish set as their quick curses. This way, if you run out of prayer points, you can quickly activate all the prayers required. If you have the Corruption Shot ability (unlocked from Raids) use this instead of Fragmentation Shot - this is particularly useful against Path One minions. If you are using a 2H weapon, use Dazing Shot instead of Needle Strike.

The actual fight consists of four different phases, each phase is dependant on your own actions during the fight. You can skip ahead during most phases, but it will catch up with you! In each phase the boss gets harder, so it's best to deal with each part of each phase in the phase it originates in (do things sooner, rather than later).

Araxxor is a tricky beast, and has three different forms. A magic, melee and ranged form. You can tell which form has spawned by the colour of his leg tips.

Magic: Blue tips – Araxxor will only use magic and melee attacks.
Ranged: Green tips – Araxxor will only use ranged and melee attacks.
Melee: Red tips – Araxxor will only use melee attacks (In this form they have a range of 3-4 squares).

The type that spawns is completely random, there is however two things you can do to ensure you get the spawn weak to your combat style. Firstly, you could buy an instance at a price of 200K. I however recommend using an Araxyte Pheromone, all you need to do is have this item sitting in your inventory and you will automatically get the best spawn for your combat style, in our case, we'll be forcing a magic spawn. The Pheromone has an unlimted number of uses and sells for a few million. (On a side note, if you release the pheromone, it will reset Araxxor's rage level and destroy your item. You will get asked to confirm if you want to release it in the chat box if you accidently click on it.)

Araxxors basic attacks:

Magic: This is a large ball green acid that Araxxor spits at you. This can lower your stats and run energy.

Melee: Araxxor smashes his legs at the player. This can cause style-less bleed damage.
Ranged: Araxxor fires a silk ball at the player. This can poison from 100-2000 damage.

Araxxor has a Rage meter, this can increase based on actions you take during the boss fight and determines how strong and accurate Araxxor's attacks are. Actions that affect the rage meter are listed below.

  • Successfully dodging Araxxor's charge when on the bottom path.
  • Killing Araxxor's hatchlings (1% rage plus 1% rage for each egg destroyed)
  • Letting Araxxor Cleave his minions (5% rage plus 5% rage for each minion cleaved)
  • Luring Araxxor into the acid pool on Phase 2 (1% for every 2.5% acid absorbed - this rage is removed on phase 3)
  • Increasing its acid level by luring highly acidic spiders to Araxxor. (1% for every 2.5% acid absorbed - this rage is removed on phase 4. Each spider uses up to 25% acidity, so 10% enrage per spider.)
  • Enraging Araxxi once her health reaches 50,000 life points. (1% every 2 attacks)
  • Enraging Araxxi further when her health reaches 25,000 life points. (20% rage increase)
  • Araxxi absorbing leftover acid if the pool was not completely drained (1% rage for every 2.5%)
  • Every time Araxxi attacks once she is below 25,000 life points, she gains 5% rage for every attack she does on the player.
  • Every time Araxxi is killed, the fight will start off with an additional 20% rage. This is capped at 300%, and is reset daily at 0000GT.

Phase One:

To begin the fight with Araxxor, you must first jump over the webbed entrance. Players should note that apon entering the Araxyte hive, the only way you can leave is by defeating the boss or death. Once you have entered the hive, you will be in a circular arena with three paths leading deeper. On any given rotation, two paths will be covered by a web, the third will be blocked by rocks. You will have a few seconds here to prepare before Araxxor spawns. You should run over to the web that you wish to burn, ready to click on it when the boss spawns. You should also take a dose of your overload potion now. More information on the Webs and what to do can be found in Phase Two.

In this phase you will encounter three of Araxxor's special attacks in addtion to his basic attacks. These are Cleave, Cocoon and Cobweb. He will use one of these attacks every 5 basic attacks.


Araxxor will bend his front four legs and swipe at the area infront of him. If you are not within melee range you will be dragged in. This attack is generally the most dangerous to beginners as it can deal high damage (3000+ on 0% rage) if you don't react in time. Araxxor will also deal damage to any minions spawned and to your familiar! This attack has a range of 2 squares for the player, and 5 squares for familiars/minions.

You can avoid being dragged in by having anticipation or freedom in effect. Some guides recommend counting the basic attacks and using one of these abilities on the 4th basic attack to avoid being dragged in, as you will have both of these automatically going off on your action bar I wouldn't bother. There are enough things for you to worry about at the beginning that you don't need the stress of counting attacks too.

Because of this, on occasion, you will be dragged in for a cleave attack. As soon as you are dragged in, click away from Araxxor (generally around where you were orignally standing). Once you are out of that two-square area you wont take any damage. The swipe animation still occurs, and it looks like the legs hit you, but you wont take damage (see the below picture).


Five small spiders will rush at you, trapping you in a cocoon. To free yourself you must click rapidly on the screen – I suggest clicking on Araxxor, thus as soon as you are freed you'll go straight back to attacking. While you are cocooned, you are unable to attack. If you take too long to free yourself, Araxxor will go back to attacking you with his normal attacks. The cocoon deals damage starting at 200LP/Tick, increasing by 10 for every 5% rage. Having Anticipation or Freedom in effect reduces the number of clicks required to free yourself.

This attack also removes the effects of Barricade, Debilitate, Devotion and Resonance, while also resetting their cooldowns.


A large cobweb will cover Araxxor, healing him 1000 lifepoints five times. Just like our deflect curses, 50% of all damage will be blocked while the web is down. However, it can reflect damage higher or lower than the actual damage done. It is therefore advised to click on the ground and stop attacking Araxxor while the web is down as this can result in a swift death. Using a damage over time ability such as Fragmentation Shot will prevent Araxxor from healing the full 5000LP while resulting in minimal damage to the player.

During Phase One, Araxxor will only use his basic attacks and the three special attacks listed above. We have forced a magic spawn, using our Pheromone, this means Araxxor will only use magic and melee basic attacks. Players should stand a few squares away from Araxxor at all times, this prevents him using his melee basic attack. If you look at the Cobweb picture, you can see roughly how far away I stand.

During the entire fight, players should have the following curses active: Deflect Magic, Protect Item and Anguish. Keep your distance and start attacking Araxxor. The first time you need to eat, you should use excalibur, this way you know it's almost ready to be used again the next time you drink a dose of your overload.

You should use your threshold abilities as they become available. You should use Devotion first, as this will reduce the damage from basic attacks to zero. If Devotion is on cooldown, use Debilitate. However, do not use either of these two abilities together. If one is in effect, wait for it to expire first. There is no benefit to you using these abilities back-to-back, you are just wasting adrenaline.

The main offensive abilities you will use throughout the fight are Snap Shot and Rapid Fire. I always use Snap Shot first, as this ability is used in one attack and then you go back to gaining more adrenaline. Players should be careful when using Rapid Fire, it is best to use this ability right after one of Araxxor's special attacks, if not, he may use a special attack on you, wasting the ability.

I advise using Snap Shot and Rapid Fire once each before saving your adrenaline to use Death's Swiftness – continue to use Devotion/Debilitate as they become available. Do not use Unload. Once you use Death's Swiftness, drink a dose of adrenaline potion then use Bombardment followed by Rapid Fire – While Death's Swiftness is in effect, I advise you stop using Devotion/Debiliate, as you want to take advantage of the 50% damage bonus.

After Death's Swiftness has expired, continue to use Devotion/Debilitate, Snap Shot/Bombardment/Rapid Fire until Araxxor is low health. Due to the unique way that this boss works, if you reduce Araxxors lifepoints to zero in either Phase One or Phase Two, “the spiders above” will heal him back to 5000 lifepoints. You can't kill Araxxor in these phases. The objective is to lower his lifepoints to under 5k and then proceed to the next phase.

To proceed to the next phase you must run between the two rock collums in the path that you have chosen – The path whose web you have burned. Below is a picture of the Path One rocks. Once you run through these rocks, Araxxor will heal back to 100,000LP and Phase Two begins. Note: Any lifepoints that Araxxor has will carry through to Phase three, so it is important to not proceed to the next phase until he is low lifepoints – Make sure you stay away from the path entrance until you are ready to proceed.

Phase Two:

This is where the fight is determined by the player. There are three paths heading forward further into the hive. Only two paths are available to the player at any one time. The blocked path rotates every 4 days. At the beginning of the fight, you must run up to one of these webs, click on it to start them burning. After one minute, the web burns through and you can proceed. Each path results in a different type of fight. Araxxor will retain his three special attacks from Phase One while also gaining additional abilities. Dispite which path you decide to take, Araxxor will always gain a new special attack called Egg Drop.

Which path to take? While it is all up to personal preference, I suggest always taking Path One if it is open, otherwise take Path Three.

Path One > Path Three > Path Two

Egg Drop: Araxxor's spiders will drop 2 or 3 eggs onto the floor, he will also launch an explosive fireball. This fireball can hit up to 5 targets, it will however give prioirty in the following order:

Eggs > Spider Minions > Player

This fireball has a 4X4 area of effect, and deals up to 3000 damage if there are no other targets within range. The objective here is for the player to stand next to the eggs that have spawned – If the eggs are not destroyed by the fireball, they will spawn combat minions. For every target within range, you will take 900 less damage. So if you are standing next to 3 eggs and a spider minion, all 4 targets will be destroyed and you will take no damage.

As soon as you see the fireball, you should run towards, and stand next to, any eggs that have spawned.

Path One:
This is the northern most path. In this path, Araxxor gains the ability to summon 20 spider minions to aid him in battle. There are two different types of spider minions, combat minions and support minions.

Combat Minions:
Bladed Spider: Uses melee attacks.
Spitting Spider: Uses ranged attacks.
Imbued Spider: Uses magic attacks.

Support Minions:
Mirrorback Spider: These will absorb any damage that you do to Araxxor and reflect it back to you.
Pulsing Spider: This spider will constantly heal Araxxor, 5000 lifepoints at a time.

Araxxor will call these minions in four different waves, with 5 spiders in each wave. Araxxor will signify that a wave of minions are coming when 5 spiders quickly dart out from around his body. For the first three waves this will consist of 1 support minion and 4 combat minions, in the fourth wave there will be 5 combat minions. Because of the powerful abilities of the support minions, these must be killed first. While all the spiders have only 3000 lifepoints, they have accurate attacks that deal significant damage. Players should prioritze killing the minions over trying to damage Araxxor.

After the end of Phase One, you will run through the rock pillars to engage Phase Two. You should then run back into the circular room of Phase One, here it is a lot easier to see the minion spawns as compared with on the ramp path. Continue to attack Araxxor as you did in Phase One. As soon as you see the spiders dart out of Araxxor's body, stop attacking. You should always kill the support minion first, followed by the combat minions.

You should attack the Spitting and Imbued spiders first. The reason you want to leave the Bladed spider last is if Araxxor uses an Egg Drop, the fireball will kill the Bladed spider (as it will be within the 4X4 range). If available, when a wave of minions are summoned, use Death's Swiftness. If there are a group of minions clustered together, use Bombardment. Using Devotion will help to reduce damage from Araxxor and the Minions. In between minion waves, attack Araxxor, using Debilitate, Snap Shot, and Rapid Fire when you can.

During Phase Two, your main focus should be on killing the minions as quickly as possible. However, you still need to pay attention for Araxxor's special attacks: Cleave, Cocoon, Cobweb and Egg Drop – Deal with these the same way you did in Phase One. At the top of the screen, there is a little icon that tells you how many minions are left to spawn (if you hover over it). Once this icon has dissapeared, you must again lower Araxxor's lifepoints to sub 5K – remember, you can't kill him at this stage as he will autoheal back to 5000LP.

Once Araxxor is low lifepoints, run down Path One to the end; where it will open back up to a smaller version of the floor in Phase One, this will start Phase Three.

Path Two:
This is the middle path. In this path, Araxxor gains the ability to summon Acidic Spiders that deal up to 32,000 damage this will almost always instant-kill you, because of this ability Araxxor will not use his cocoon attack on this path.

Acidic Spider:

In this phase, Araxxor has the ability to summon a 1-hitting acidic spider. There are two key points in identifying when this occurs. Firstly, Araxxor will spit a silk like cocoon from his mouth – this looks like his ranged attack. This will land (generally) within a few squares of your player and turn the ground a slime green colour. As soon as this occurs, you should run to the opposite side of Araxxor as in a few moments a bright green spider will spawn with a timer above it's head – this timer looks similar to the adrenaline bar. You must not make contact with this spider until the bar reaches zero otherwise it will almost certainly kill you. The speed of the acidic spider is also completely random. Sometimes it will move slower than walking speed, other times it will move as fast as you can run.

Again, once the slime patch appears on the ground, move to the opposite side of Araxxor and keep the slime patch in sight. If the spider is moving quickly, just run away from it. Dodging this spider should be your number one priority.

To be able to continue, you must lure Araxxor into the acid pool. I find it best to stand at the base of the ramp. For every one tick Araxxor is standing in the pool, 1 unit of acid is absorbed and his rage level increases by 1%. The easiest way to check if Araxxor is in the pool is the green acid bar will continue to increase. Keep Araxxor standing in the pool until the green skull icon at the top has disappeared (meaning 100 units of acid have been absorbed) – The acid bar will be halfway (100% - this is the maximum for a solo kill).

You must now run to the top of the ramp, Araxxor will follow you. Araxxor slowly drips acid below onto the ramp, after 45 seconds the ramp will start to disintergrate and you will be able to jump over the end, commencing Phase Three. You should jump over this as soon as Araxxor disappears as “Noxious fumes” will start causing you damage if you linger. As soon as you jump over the edge, all the rage Araxxor has collected from absorbing the acid is removed.

While you are waiting for Araxxor to absorb the acid, you should continue to attack him as done in Phase One. He will still use his Cleave and Cobweb special attacks, so deal with these as above. Sometimes when you are at the top of the ramp, Araxxor will spawn an Acidic spider, causing you to run down the ramp. If you run too far down, Araxxor will follow and not all the acid will be absorbed by the ramp (meaning you'll have to deal with it later instead). So, once the acidic spider has disappeared, relure Araxxor to the acid pool to absorb any remaining acid, then run back to the top of the ramp.

You can tell if there is acid remaining in the pool by looking to see if the green skull icon is at the top of your screen – hover over this, as 5% always drips out before Araxxor is in position to drip onto the ramp.

To lure Araxxor into the acid pool, you need simply stand around the edge of the pool. If he's in the correct spot, the acid bar will continue to go up.

Do not worry about lowering Araxxors lifepoints in this phase, due to his increased rage it is easier to deal with the remaining lifepoints in Phase Three. You should be able to get Araxxor's lifepoints down to around 35,000 by the time you jump over (or lower when you get the hang of it).

NOTE: While at the top of the ramp, it can be useful to the use surge so that Araxxor is standing at the top of the ramp and you are in the middle. This makes it easy to run away from any acid spiders that spawn, and gives you enough space to step back from a cleave attack. Likewise, if you're “trapped” on the ramp, and an acid spider is approaching, you could use surge to get away if you seem unlikely to be able to out maneuver it.

Path Three:
This is the bottom (southern) path. In this path Araxxor gains the ability Darkness. This is the only path that you don't directly fight Araxxor.


Araxxor flees to the ceiling blocking out the light. This covers the whole battlefield in darkness, except for one tunnel. If you stand in the darkenss, this will cause you damage starting at 50LP increasing by 50 each tick, capping at 400LP. This tunnel of light will move around every now and again, so you must be prepared to run up or down the path to get out of the darkness. The darkness damage resets back to 50LP everytime you step into the light.

During this phase Araxxor will attack with both magic and ranged attacks, but at a reduced frequency – his ranged attacks poison, so drink a dose of antiposion++ if required. I suggest saving your adrenaline for Devotion (using Freedom and Anticipation to adrenaline stall if needed). The only special attacks that are used during this phase are Darkness and Egg Drop. To help reduce damage from his basic attacks, keep Deflect Missiles on unless you see his magic attack coming towards you, then swap to Deflect Magic. This is because his ranged attacks are difficult to see in the dark, whereas his magic attacks glow green.

Often you will find that the Egg Drops are outside of the light tunnels. You must therefore tank the damage from the darkness to destroy the eggs. I suggest waiting for a few moments (about when the fireball is halfway towards you) before running out to the eggs. This way, you'll take minimal damage from the darkness. This will take some practice before you master the correct timing. It is better (when at low rage) to tank the darkness damage than to take 3000 damage from not destroying the eggs, so if in doubt, run to the eggs.

There is a wall that stands inbetween you and the next phase. The only way to bring this wall down is by sucessfully dodging Araxxor's charge attack. You will get a message in the chat box that “Araxxor is preparing to come down from the ceiling”, 15 seconds after this message you will instantly be placed at the end of the path. The camera angle will change and Araxxor will charge at you. This is a quick-time event, where you must react to Araxxor in order to dodge his attack. This is done by pressing one of the four arrow keys on your keyboard.

Which key do I press?

If Araxxor's legs swipe from the left – Press the left arrowkey.
On the left, press left.

If Araxxor's legs swipe from the right – Press the right arrowkey.
On the right, press right.

If Araxxor's legs are pointing down, that is, they are both vertical – Press the down arrowkey.

Lined up vertically, press down.

If Araxxor's legs are close to the ground and spread out (think like a crab pincer) – Press the up arrowkey.

Spread out, like you could step up on them, press up.

If you sucessfully dodge the charge, 50% damage will be done to the wall. If you don't select the correct dodge, 25% damage is done to the wall and you will be dealt 2500 damage. If you don't select any option, 0% damage is done to the wall and you are dealt 5000 damage – so if you aren't sure, just hit any key to reduce the damage you take. You must sucessfully dodge the charge attack twice to proceed.

After a charge attack, you will stay at the end of the path and have to deal with his Darkness and Egg Drop attacks until Araxxor is ready to come down from the ceiling again. Once the wall has been knocked down, run down the final part of the path to commence Phase Three.

Phase Three:

This is your final fight with Araxxor. This is the phase where everything catches up on you. If you took Path One and didn't kill all the minions, he'll spawn them here. If you took Path Two and didn't drain all the acid, he'll absorb it here. If you didn't lower his health in the previous phases, he'll use it to heal himself now.

In this phase, any health that Araxxor had remaining in Phase one and two will be carried over. That is to say, after doing roughly 10,000 damage to Araxxor, he will be healed back to full health (100,000). If you took Path Three, only the health points from Phase One effect this. There is an icon at the top of the screen that indicates how much more the ceiling spiders can heal Araxxor.

In this Phase, Araxxor has the ability to use any special attacks from the two open paths.

If Path One is open, he can spawn any remaining minions now. Deal with them the same way you would do in Phase Two. If you killed all the minions in Phase Two, Araxxor will have nothing to spawn.

If Path Two is open any remaining acid in the pool needs to be dealt with. For every 25 units of acid that remain in the pool, Araxxor will spawn one Highly Acidic Spider – These spiders are different from his 1-hit spiders. When one of these spiders spawns, you will receive a message in the middle of your screen “Araxxor has spawned a highly acidic spider”. These spiders have a left-click option, lure. What you must do is lure the spiders underneath Araxxor so that he absorbs them. It is best to first lower Araxxor's lifepoints to ~5000 as for each highly acidic spider that Araxxor absorbs, he gains 5000 lifepoints and rage (1% Rage for every 2.5% Acid).

I generally wait until around 15,000 lifepoints, then as the highly acidic spiders get close to me, I click on them to lure them onto me. When I have all the spiders on me, I run through the middle of Araxxor, allowing him to absorb them all. I try to keep my adrenaline close to 100% at this point so that as soon as he absorbs the spiders I can use Unload. If you do not make Araxxor absorb these spiders, then Araxxi will absorb them in Phase Four.

If Path Three is open, then Araxxor will retain his Darkness ability, just stay in the light tunnels to avoid taking damage here. Araxxor will not use this ability all the time, unlike in Phase Two.

For this Phase you must kill Araxxor, but make sure you deal with the highly acidic spiders, or minions first – if applicable. This fight will be the same as in Phase One except Araxxor is more accurate, does more damage and has more special attacks. I suggest building to 100% adrenaline as soon as possible, using Death's Swiftness then drinking a dose of adrenaline potion. Build up your adrenaline again to use Snap Shot, then Rapid Fire. Then use Devotion/Debilitate and your offensive thresholds until Araxxor is dead. If you have to lure highly acidic spiders, build up your adrenaline before you do so, then, as soon as they have been absorbed use Unload. Then build up adrenaline to use Rapid Fire.

Remember, Araxxor can use the following abilities in this phase: Cleave, Cobweb, Cocoon, Egg Drop, Summon minions (Path 1), Acidic Spiders – The 1-hitting ones (Path 2), Darkness (Path 3).

Phase Four:

Once you have defeated Araxxor, a short cutscene will take place where the injured Araxxor jumps across to the final platform and is then crushed and eaten by Araxxi. You will have a short period after the cutscene for any final preperations before the fight commences. In this time, any adrenaline you have from Phase Three will start to drain, use either Freedom or Anticipation to stall your adrenaline. Afterwards, drink a dose of your Antipoison++ if you haven't already. Ensure you have full prayer, and drink some doses of Saradomin Brew to get back to full health (these don't drain your adrenaline).

Araxxi's attacks are much stronger and more accurate than Araxxor's. Araxxi will use all three combat styles. However, if you stay out of melee range, then you will only face her magic and ranged attacks. When attacking from a distance, she will take your protection prayers into account. The best way to defeat Araxxi is to prayer switch. It is best to wait for an attack to be 2/3rds of the way towards your player before swapping prayers. This way, Araxxi will only swap attack styles every two attacks. The easiest way to judge this is with her ranged attacks. When she fires a 2nd ranged attack, the first one still won't have hit you yet. This is the time to change prayers.

Remember: Her magic attack looks like a green acid ball, her ranged attack looks like a silk ball/some spit.

Araxxi has 100,000 lifepoints. For the first 50,000 lifepoints, Araxxi can still use Cleave, Cobweb, Cocoon, Darkness (If path 3 is open) and she can summon any remaining minions – This includes any from an egg drop that you didn't previously kill. If you didn't have Araxxor absorb the remaining acid from the pool (when path 2 is open), Araxxi will absorb it, increasing her rage level (Any rage increase due to Araxxor absorbing acid in Phase Three doesn't carry through to Phase Four). The first thing I do is build to 100% adrenaline and cast Death's Swiftness, followed by Snap Shot and Rapid Fire.

When Araxxi drops below 50,000 lifepoints, she will become enraged. She will no longer use any special attacks. However, for every two basic attacks she uses her rage increases by 1%. Continue using Devotion/Debilitate, Snap Shot/Rapid Fire. When Araxxi drops below 25,000 she will increase her rage by 20%, drain your adrenaline by 50% maximum and release a sludge that operates in a similar effect to the Dark Energy Core from the Corporeal Beast. Because of her adrenaline draining ability, when Araxxi is at around 28,000 lifepoints you should use Unload – If you don't have enough adrenaline, use either Devotion or Debilitate. Another viable option, if you have quick hands is to use Tendrils and then quickly click Rapid Fire on your action bar, by the time the damage from the Tendrils have hit, Rapid Fire should have activated just before the adrenaline reduction.

For every attack Araxxi does (when under 25K LP) she gains 5% rage, so it is crucial that you complete this part of the fight as soon as you can.

As soon as Araxxi is below 25,000 lifepoints, you will get a message in the middle of the screen telling you the sludge has been released. Put your phoenix necklace on now – this can mean the difference between life and death. The sludge will jump around the room a few times, then it will jump one square next to you, then underneath you. While underneath you it will hit consistant, rapid damage of around 2000. The trick is to let the sludge hit you once, then move away. This will reset the sludges bounce counter, giving you more time to focus on Araxxi. The easiest way to time this is to wait until the sludge is one square away from your character – as it moves from this square to underneath you, click a square away. This should cause you to be hit by the sludge once but also move you to safety.

If you are taking rapid damage, the sludge is most likely underneath you so move away! Don't forget to keep switching your protection prayers, this is vital and will almost result in death if you don't! Good practice for prayer switching is to go kill Tormented Demons.

Keep switching prayers, eat as required and use thresholds when you can. Shortly, Araxxi will be dead and you will have completed your first kill! When the sludge is released, if you can, drink a dose of your adrenaline potion. Try to drink Brews over eating your rocktails so that you don't lose adrenaline – Use either Devotion, Debilitate or Snap Shot. I don't reccomened using Rapid Fire here as the sludge will interupt it.

NOTE: Players that have it unlocked, may wish to build to 100% adrenaline, and full health and use the Onslaught ability at around 26K LP. If you choose to do this, you should not put the phoenix necklace on as if this activates it'll interrupt Onslaught. On activation of Onslaught, you should also use your enhanced excalibur healing ability to help keep your health up once Onslaught starts draining your health. I have done some testing of this just recently, and you should be able to kill Araxxi before the sludge gets anywhere near you - You will however be dropped to very low health from the health draining effects of the ability, therefore, you must make sure you pay very close attention to your prayer switching to ensure Araxxi is killed before the sludge jumps under you. If you need to stop using the Onslaught ability, due to your health being too low, I suggest clicking a piece of food to interrupt it. 

Once the boss is dead, click on her corpse to see your loot. You now have the option to collect, discard or send all your loot to the bank. If you wish, you can sacrifice all your loot for a greater chance of receiving the Araxyte base pet. Once you have collected your loot, right-click the corpse and select leave, confirm and you will be teleported outside of the lair. Well done for making it this far!

Leg pieces are ~1/38 kills.
Hilt pieces are ~1/120 kills.


I suggest you have a copy of this next to you while you fight as a reminder until you get a hang of things, there's a lot of information to take in.

PHASE ONE: Light one of the webs.
Cocoon: Player is covered in webs – spam click Araxxor to free yourself.
Cleave: If dragged in, click a few squares back to dodge.
Cobweb: Araxxor is covered in a web, stop attacking until it disappears.

Egg Drop: Run to this as soon as they spawn.
PATH ONE: Minions – spawns 20 in waves of 5.
Mirrorback: Reflects damage back to you – KILL FIRST
Pulsing: Heals Araxxor
All others: Normal combat spiders
PATH TWO: Acid pool.
Make Araxxor stand in the acid pool until he absorbs 100%
Avoid all green spiders until the adrenaline bar above their heads are gone.
PATH THREE: Darkness
Stand in the light tunnel to avoid taking excess damage.
Swap between Protect from Magic/Ranged as required.
Swipe Left, hit left key
Swipe Right, hit right key
Vertical legs, hit down key
Crossed legs, hit up key

Kill any minions that spawn.
Stay in light tunnels when they appear.
Avoid all acid spiders (with adrenaline bars).
Lure highly acidic spiders at ~10-15,000LP remaining.

DPS as much as you can.
Swap between Protect from Magic/Ranged every ~2 attacks.
50K LP no more special attacks.
Use threshold/ultimate abilites at ~28K LP
25K LP, your adrenaline is drained.
Drink adrenaline potion and Snap Shot as soon as you can.
Let sludge damage you once, then move away.
Keep changing protection prayers.

Courtesy of Bryanqwert, last updated March 4th 2016