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Amy's Annihilator Title Guide

The Nihil
All 4 nihil have Normal attacks, a Special attack (preceded by a *hiss*) and a Charge attack. Although the Charge attack is only used when they are not in combat, it will still do damage to players.

Ice (uses Magic, always runs South)
- Normal and Charge attacks drain Prayer
- Special attack freezes players (use Anticipate to deflect, or Freedom to escape)

Shadow (uses Ranged, always runs North)
- Special attack will cause damage if players don’t move away from it

Blood (uses Melee, always runs East)
- Normal attack can heal other nihil
- Trying to damage it during a Special attack will heal it

Smoke (uses Magic, always runs West)
- The Charge and Special attacks will cause a stat drain (Slayer helmet may be helpful here)
- The Special attack can be dodged

The Fight
Plainly, divide-and-conquer tactics are going to make a big difference here.
- Think about the order in which to kill the nihil (I decided I didn’t want to be battling prayer drain, so Ice died first)
- Think about where your character is (if you stay away from crossroads, you can reduce how many Charge attacks may affect you)

My random bits
- Getting the title took me multiple attempts
- I used Magic log bonfires for a HP boost
- I took armour and weapons in one style (Ranged) and just barely succeeded, a Melee weapon (and/or hybrid armour) may have made my fight easier.
- I found Leech Defence very helpful.

Provided courtesy of Amaterasu Mi , last updated 02 May 2015