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Uncle Arch's Inferno Adze Guide

This guide was written long ago, before lodestones were a thing... it only survives because Amaterasu Mi kept a copy of it! It should still be useful, so is reproduced here!

* You'll need to make repairs at three beacons before they can be used: the one NE of the God Wars Dungeon (needs a needle and 3 jute fibres to repair the windbreak), the one accessed from the lower Wilderness (needs a hammer, 4 nails & 2 planks to repair ladder), and the one accessed from the higher level Wilderness (needs a hammer, 4 nails and 2 planks OR a hammer and 2 iron bars).

* Stock each beacon with 20 logs of the same type before you start your run to light them all. Saves a lot of hassle!

* The route I used was:
- Starting at Oog'alog, jumped in the pool.
- Slayer Ring to Slayer Tower, then up the shortcut next to Paterdomus to the first beacon.
- Ramskull helm to Odd Old Man
- Lumberyard Teleport and ran to the lvl 1 Jolly Boar beacon.
- Ran W along wall to light the lvl 1 Varrock Palace, lvl 3 Grand Exchange and Edgeville beacons
- Combat bracelet to Warriors' Guild and ran to Burthorpe Beacon
- Goblin Village sphere to goblin village (duh!) and lit beacon
- Combat bracelet to Monastery, ran to Black Knights' Fortress beacon
- Ran W, crossed into Wildy, and up to lvl 13 beacon
- Trollheim teletab, ran E to Trollheim beacon
- Trollheim teletab, then N to GWD beacon
- Down the shortcut, ran N to lvl 40 Chaos Temple beacon
- Ran N to lvl 52 Frozen Waste beacon

* Inventory: Tinderbox , Super Energy potion, Super Restore potion, Ramskull helm, Lumberyard tele, Goblin Village sphere, 2 Trollheim teletabs. Wore Slayer ring, combat bracelet (2), Boots of Lightness and Spottier Cape.

* Total time: 10 mins exactly - could work even for normal logs (burn 13 mins)!

Provided courtesy of Archaeox & Amaterasu Mi, last updated 11 November 2015