Caped Carousers RuneScape's oldest Quest Cape clan

Welcome to the Caped Carousers!

Pic by Evan zi Vyre
Pic by Evan zi Vyre

The Caped Carousers are a group of mature Quest Cape owners of all ages. We get together in the spirit (pun intended!) of the late lamented Alfred Grimhand, to appreciate fine ales and spirits by visiting the bars, inns, taverns and seedy dives of RuneScape, in a variety of fancy dress costumes - flaunting the outrageously over-the-top Quest Cape emote as we go. We are the largest and longest-established Quest Cape clan in RuneScape, founded in April 2008. As well as our keystone Cape Events, we hold scheduled and impromptu group events (PvM, Distractions & Activities) in various time zones every week, with members in Europe, America and Australasia.

The group is basically a social club, for FUN. It is not primarily a combat, minigame, skills or training clan. In fact, it could be disputed that we are a 'clan' at all… but we do provide each other with lots of moral and other support, good advice and intelligent conversation.

Being mature players, we don't insist on lots of insincere team-bonding or exclusive fanatical devotion; we're here so that you can relax and have a good time in good company. We have no minimum participation requirement and no compulsory events. It's preferred that you attend a Cape Event if you're online for it, but no event is obligatory.

You can find our recruitment thread on the RuneScape forums, and some more details about us on our RuneScape clans page.

It may be that, after joining, you find that the organisation, attitude, events or people aren't really for you. It happens, we understand that, and nobody will think less of you if it does.

Remember - If you’ve never seen formation Quest Cape emoting, your RuneScape experience is not complete!

Assorted factoids!

* We have event organisers in North America, Europe and Australia, so we welcome suggestions for new event times. All event times are given in game time (UTC).

* Our weekly penguin hunts require some discipline: to avoid chaos and time wasting, we listen to the hunt leader's instructions, and do NOT move on to the next penguin until *everyone* has the current one. We also try not to confuse people by talking about different penguins than the one we're currently looking for.

* Many Carousers are very experienced players indeed, and almost every skillcape is represented by someone. There's nothing wrong with asking for advice, but it's best to be careful about offering it unasked. Some of the veterans can be touchy.

* We don't spoonfeed each other - if you need to ask a *lot* of questions about a subject, it's best to use the Game Guide too.

* We tend to be very honest about our opinions, and expect members to be mature enough to handle this. Some people find this harsh at times, but we prefer knowing where we stand: it stops nasty arguments from happening.

* We are not strongly hierarchical; rather, we are a sort of benign and consultative autocracy. Titles reflect what people do, rather than ranks

Last updated: 07 March 2019